Najib Razak : ‘I Wish There Was No 1MDB Issue’ – Regretful Najib Admits

The crew however coaxed Najib to sit back down and resume the interview, with Jolley asking him about what the thought his legacy was for Malaysia. “I have steered the progress of this country. I’m very proud of my achievement, my government’s achievement, in the stewardship of the country,” said Najib, just before Jolley asked him about broker Jho Low and 1MDB. Najib was then seen removing his lapel microphone and walking off the studio, with the camera still running and Jolley still shooting off questions. “You should pose this question to him…I’m not in touch with him,” said Najib referring to Low, as he stormed off the studio. In the interview earlier, Najib called on investigators to probe “other international figures” linked to the 1MDB scandal, to find out where the allegedly siphoned funds have disappeared to. In response, Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad told a press conference last night that Najib should lodge a police report on the “other international figures”, and the authorities will take action when a crime is committed even if it involved foreigners.

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