Najib’s Intelligence Chief Hasanah Was A Shameless Thief – Najib Entrusted His Spy Agency To Transport RM 122 Million Cash Stolen From The National Coffers To His Condominium

Who would have thought that a simple tool such as tax evasion was all it took to skin the American most brutal gangster? Likewise, for reasons known only to Royal Malaysia Police, they have no intention of charging Ms. Hasanah for treasonous and treacherous act, despite her admission to the authenticity of the letters sent to CIA Director Gina Cheri Haspel. Thanks to 61 years of culture of corruption spread by previous Barisan Nasional coalition government, every institution in the country has caught the disease, one way or another. Not only the chief of Malaysia’s national security covert intelligence agency was entrusted by her boss Najib to write to CIA, she was also tasked with transferring some money to a secret location. Monkey see monkey do, as the saying goes. Perhaps they were inspired by Najib’s looting and plundering. So, while her officers from the “Research Division” of the Prime Minister’s Department were transporting money after Barisan Nasional lost the May 9th general election, they couldn’t resist but helped themselves to the cash – reportedly about US$400,000 (RM1.6 million).

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Hasanah Abdul Hamid was arrested when she was called to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commis­sion (MACC) headquarters for interrogation. Prior to her arrest, seven civil servants from the intelligence agency known as the “Research Division”, including a diplomatic officer, were remanded in investigations into the alleged misappropriation of 14th general election funds. When she was produced at the Magistrate’s Court here this morning, Hasanah was dressed in the infamous orange lock-up attire and wearing a “purple tudung” (veil or headscarf). Handcuffed, the former intelligence chief covered her face from being photographed by journalists, presumably too ashamed over her crimes. Like other guilty criminals, covering her face suggests that she most likely had indeed helped herself to the stash of cash. She is being charged under Section 23 of the MACC Act for the abuse of power. If found guilty, the Bond girl could face up to maximum 20 years imprisonment and a fine of 5 times the value of the gratification or RM10,000, whichever is higher. It appears that Hasanah and her boys aren’t that different from the 17 security personnel who were remanded for taking cash amounting to RM3.5 million from the Prime Minister’s Office. Still, the amount of cash that Hasanah was transporting raises another question – why ex-PM Najib Razak entrusted the spy agency to transport the election fund? By Najib’s own admission, there were RM117 million cash in his children’s’ luxury condominium, RM3.5 million cash in his office and now RM1.6 million cash being transported by the intelligence agency. From where did Najib manage to raise so much money, if not stolen from the national coffers? It’s quite amazing that a spy chief was nothing but a cheapskate thief. Source : Finance Twitter

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    September 5, 2018 at 21:11

    How can a misleading heading like this be published? 3 out of 10 students below 14 years old have sex experience? Crazy or stupid?

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