Namawee Plead Pakatan Harapan : Reveals Horrible Conditions Of Illegal Immigrants He Saw While In Detention – Squeezed, Betrayed, & Left To Die

Hello Pakatan Harapan, I know you guys are very bz, but pls… kindly pls check out this video. Many people are suffering in lock-up. They need help. pls do something… Thanks…

很多人不了解為什麼那時候我突然把貼文撤下來了. 因為你們不知道我貼上去之後的幾個小時內接了多少通電話… 我至今都很愧疚, 我沒有回應國際媒體和緬甸大使館, 我躲起來了… 現在我把事情講出來, 或許有些太遲, 但還是希望還能幫助到一些人. 對不起. – Namewee

Detained by the police over accusations of insulting religion in a recent music video, Namewee did not offer much to comment when approached by the media. Instead, he chose to bring light to the horrible conditions of illegal immigrants he saw while on detention, and pleaded the public to do something about it. The usually confrontational rapper explained in a Facebook post in Mandarin, that he did not comment on his on-going case not because he was silenced by the police, but because he wanted to comment on something else entirely. Namewee himself was detained recently due to a leaked music video, featuring him singing and dancing with a group of Taiwanese musician in popular places of worship in Malaysia, including a mosque. Religious authorities have accused him of attempting to insult Islam, and seek to bring him and the Taiwanese trio to court over the matter. [video width="400" height="224" mp4=""][/video] His post, translated into English, are as below: As I was handcuffed and brought into the courtroom, members of the media have asked me if I had anything to say about the case. However, I had nothing to offer but silence, but it was not because the police have forbidden me to say anything – but because what I wanted to say have nothing to do with the case. I wanted to plead to the public through the media, on the 15 illegal immigrants from Myanmar that I have encountered while detained, whom have spent over 30 days in detention. They were all placed in a small cell in horrible conditions, without anyone to bail them out, no friends or relatives to help them, and were stuck in that conditions because their employers had ran off with all their identifications. They have been squeezed, betrayed, and now left to die. Facing an infectious disease, they are now all in dire condition. All of them seemed to have tuberculosis, which I suspect after hearing them coughing loudly during the night. They do not speak Malay, and as such do not know how to communicate with the guards, not that the guards can do anything – as the hospital wouldn’t take in any patients without identification. Because they entered the country illegally, the embassy would not be able to do anything as well, as they wouldn’t even know of their existence in the country. The last night before I left, they only seemed to get worse. Their coughs sounded different, and their faces pale. The only thing I can do to help them is to make this public, even though me revealing this could prove to be dangerous. The police had warned me not to reveal the conditions I was while detained, but sorry – if I kept my silence one-by one, those people will eventually meet their end. I hope the Bar council or any influential organisations could do something to help them. Those who do good will be kindly rewarded, please help…
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