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Natural-Beauty Teen Undergoes 30 Plastic Surgery Procedures to Satisfy Boyfriend; Regrets at 22-Year-Old

“There are no ugly women, only lazy ones.”

Did you know the famous saying came from Helena Rubinstein, a cosmetics entrepreneur that made her one of the richest women in the world?

While that ethos might have empowered some women, some took it too far to think that it was the only way of betterment.

22-year-old Berry Ng from Hong Kong fell victim to the self-absorbing aesthetic chase for beauty perfection and underwent over 30 plastic surgery procedures. But now she fully regretted her decision.

berry ngSource: China Press

Five years ago, Berry was already a beautiful girl with a sweet smile and big eyes; slim body and tall. Some were already envious of her but she didn’t to know when one is well off. Instead, she wanted to be like supermodels and actresses, such as Janice Man and Angelababy.

With a greedy heart, she went for a three-injection student package where she saw in a beauty centre. Initially intended to only spend HK $ 800 (RM419) for the student package, but after talking to the beautician for three hours, she was convinced into signing up a HKD17,000 (RM8,878) procedure instead.


berry ng after plastic surgery
Source: Instagram

After the procedure, she loved how it had made her look. But her greedy heart couldn’t stop there. She wanted to be prettier. Thus, she fell into an addiction of cosmetic surgery.

To make matter worse, she got into a relationship when she was 20-year-old. Her then-boyfriend was nine years older than her, and he was the reason why Berry had a very low self-esteem as he always criticized the way she looks and compared her to other girls. Yikes…

Berry admitted that she did most of her surgery when she was with the ex-boyfriend. To regain her confidence, she dived into more surgeries to look better so to stay up to her ex-boyfriend’s standard.

berry ng surgery
berry ng after plastic surgery
Source: Facebook, Instagram

She felt her forehead was too flat, so she put in a few syringes of chemical to make it looked bubbly; double eyelids were not obvious enough, she underwent blepharoplasty (double eyelid surgery) to have a sharper look; nose was too broad, she took a few bones out; nose wasn’t sharp enough, put in some acid to make it looks more three-dimensional; to crown it all, she had her cheeks, lips and chin injected to make them looked slimmer. In the short six months, she did almost 30 surgeries.

She went through all the travails was just to impress the boyfriend—to get a compliment from him. Love is truly blind. 

“If he had ever said ‘you are beautiful’ even for once at the time, I would have stopped.”

But that is not all from the arsehole. When he couldn’t find anything else to criticized, he complained about her small boobs instead.

“Saying a woman’s breasts small is the final straw for a woman to take in,” said Berry with a sigh.

Be that as it may, she went for breast augmentation surgery. When it was all over, the arsehole said he didn’t tell her to do so.

berry ng after plastic surgery
Source: Instagram

Berry’s obsessive pursuit came to a stop when she saw her mother cried as she was recovering from a surgery.

Her mother said you were beautiful before all these, but now…you are defiled.

In the wake of such epiphany,  Berry now focuses on sharing her journey and discourage cosmetic surgery. She makes videos on YouTube to tell the world her regrets and give advices. She said that she receives a lot of emails and comments about people going through the same situations.

“Actually, boyfriends have a huge impact on their girlfriends. A lot of them would say things like ‘my boyfriend said my nose is not sharp’ or ‘my face is too big’. A lot of them were dumb like me, too. That is why I want to make videos and tell them my experience.”

Source: Facebook; Part two click here.

We are glad the addiction was over and Berry now leads a good course to share the disadvantages of cosmetic surgery. Whether if you want to do cosmetic surgery or not, make sure don’t fall into addiction. Have a strong support circle to prevent you from falling into a cesspit.

Source: China Press

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