Nazri Rejects UMNO-PAS Coalition : Will Quarrel Over GE Seats & Against Any All-Malay Exclusive UMNO-PAS Malay Govt

Nazri Abdul Aziz has shot down suggestions of a coalition between Umno and PAS, stating that this would likely lead to the two parties fighting over seats in the general election.

“I think there is no need for it; we go on our respective directions.

“Or else when there is a general election, there would be a scramble for seats.

“Seats that Umno are contesting, they (PAS) will want to contest too and as a result, there will be a quarrel,” he told journalists in Kuala Lumpur.

However, Nazri said this did not mean he was rejecting PAS’ friendly overtures.

He added that ordinary cooperation between the two political parties would suffice.

“We must remember that … everyone have their ambition to form the government and we have to tread carefully,” said the Umno supreme council member.

Nazri was asked to respond to Agriculture and Agro-based Industries Deputy Minister Tajuddin Abdul Rahman who had raised the possibility of an Umno-PAS coalition.

He said this would pose a serious threat to the opposition coalition Pakatan Harapan.

Previously, PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang had said the party was open to cooperating with Umno but had dismissed the possibility of a political coalition.

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Nazri against any Umno-PAS exclusive Malay govt

An Umno supreme council member has rejected a suggestion to create an exclusive Malay-based government comprising only of PAS and Umno.

Nazri Aziz said Barisan Nasional will not go down that road as it represents all races in Malaysia.

“I disagree. BN was not set up for just one community to rule Malaysia. I disagree with an exclusive Malay tie-up ruling Malaysia. We represent the Malays, Chinese, Indians, Ibans, Kadazan and others.

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“My response is that we work together to support our leader (Najib Razak), but an exclusive Malay government (with only Malays as leaders) is a no no,” he said after launching a wayang kulit exhibition to be held until Feb 28 at the Muzium Negara here.

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Najib returns fire: Nazri hurt MCA, rejected cooperation with PAS

Ex-PM says Nazri too can be BN adviser but questions his commitment to stand up against Harapan.

-Former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak has returned fire against Nazri Abdul Aziz after the Padang Rengas MP’sof his appointment as the BN adviser.Najib gave several instances of Nazri purportedly not acting in the interest of BN, according toSinar Harian

.”We all remember that prior to this, Nazri objected to the cooperation with PAS and instead urged Umno to sideline MCA and MIC and work with DAP instead.”In the election, MCA has also informed me that amongst the reasons their Chinese vote declined was due to his (Nazri) overboard criticism against (tycoon) Robert Kuok that offended the Chinese community,” he told a gathering with his supporters in Batu Kawan, Penang today.

Najib said Nazri too can occupy the position of BN adviser but questioned his commitment to stand up against Pakatan Harapan.”Nazri or whoever can play the role as BN adviser but is he willing to consistently criticise Harapan?” he was quoted as saying.

Najib also indicated that Umno’s partners in BN have not found Nazri (photo) to be a palatable candidate, pointing out that MCA and MIC had vehemently objected to his previous appointment as BN secretary-general.”We are all aware that previously, he was asked by MCA and MIC to let go of the position as BN secretary-general,” he added.

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