Netizens Blames Malaysian Victim In LRT Sexual Harassment Case Instead Of Molester - "Does The Lady Really Not Feel Anything Behind Her?" - The Coverage

Netizens Blames Malaysian Victim In LRT Sexual Harassment Case Instead Of Molester – “Does The Lady Really Not Feel Anything Behind Her?”

Sadly, buses and trains have become notorious spots for sexual predators as we’ve often heard about cases of perverts taking advantage of female passengers onboard by standing close to them or brushing against them.

Recently, an anonymous lady took to a Facebook group, Warga Wilayah, to lament on her experience while on the LRT.

She writes,

“This just happened to me. A man was standing very close to me, then he moved on and stood very close to another passenger. This was on the train number 275, Kelana Jaya line. I’ve lodged a complaint to Jenayah RapidKL via WhatsApp.”

Source: Facebook

However, instead of expressing disgust towards the pervert, there were many netizens who blamed the victim!

One commenter wrote,

“This lady looks like she’s asking for it. She’s just standing there and didn’t move.”

A netizen responded,

“The weirder thing is, the lady don’t feel anything ke? Steady only. Move lah to another spot. Or are they both enjoying it?”

While another said,

“Odd. Does the lady really not feel anything behind her? Aduh, can’t you feel when there’s a person standing close to you.”

Source: Facebook

It is important to note that many women freeze or shy away from confrontation out of fear. Sydney-based psychologist Melissa Podmore who has worked with many trauma victims said,

“When women freeze or even cooperate, it’s not because they’ve colluded with the attacker, it’s because they’re going into this brilliant defence strategy that keeps them alive.

“You don’t want to add any agitation to a situation that is already quite out of control.”

Ultimately, society’s constant questioning of ‘Why didn’t she stand up for herself?’ is very unhelpful. She points out,

“There’s a lot of simplifying (with) a complete lack of emotional intelligence and realizing how complex these traumas are.

“A lot of our responses are not anything to do with our consciousness – it’s a completely primal, ingrained behaviour mechanism.”

Source: Facebook

With that being said, support the victims of sexual harassment instead of blaming them. They did NOT ask for it!

What are your thoughts on this? Share them with us in the comment section below!

(Source: WOB)

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1 Comment

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