Netizens Praised Mat Sabu For Living Humbly After Photos Of Him At Home Went Viral – Terrace House With Perodua Viva

Source: My News Hub He was quoted as saying,

“Of course I’m nervous. Now I have to follow rules and protocols, I am someone who is so used to being with the people. But I don’t want to change the style of Mohamad Sabu.”
He’s certainly sticking to his word as he was praised for staying humble after photos of him leaving his home to report to work began to circulate on social media. Source: Facebook Source: Facebook In the viral photos, Mat Sabu can be seen stepping out of his terrace house with his Perodua Viva and a regular motorcycle parked in his porch, with assistants, bodyguards, and a police escort waiting for him outside. Source: Facebook

“Ada sumber beritahu, rumah Abang Mat jauh. Jadi, driver datang rumah untuk jemput ke office. Dia kata,

“Selepas ini, esok boleh tak kalau saya pergi office sendiri? Tak payahlah datang ambil, segan saya. Dengan escort polis, tentera lagi, dengan siren polis lagi.

“Lagi pun saya seorang saja yang naik kereta panjang ini. Campur dengan driver, jadi dua orang. Itu pun bukannya boleh berbual. Saya di belakang, driver di nun depan.”    

“Jadi, tentera pun tanya, “YB nak datang ke MINDEF naik apa?”

“Abang Mat selamba jawab, “Eh, saya bawalah kereta Viva saya ini. Laju Viva ni. Sampai MINDEF, kalau ada urusan kerajaan, barulah saya naik kereta kerajaan.”

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“Tentera jawab, “Mana boleh macam tu YB, malulah MINDEF. Lagi pun YB orang penting.”

“Abang Mat jawab, “Jadi saya kena naik jugalah kereta Roti John ini? Tapi jangan ada bunyi siren, bising.” cerita sumber.

Source : Ais Kacang Source: Facebook Netizens who have already developed a soft spot for the Amanah president showed their admiration for his simple, down-to-earth lifestyle. https://twitter.com/adilahrostam/status/999187879480909824 https://twitter.com/amdesidik/status/999201500697055232 https://twitter.com/Jaegerbomb94/status/999166577986584576 https://twitter.com/theiliminati/status/999194414101639168 Source: Facebook Source: Facebook Source: Facebook Source: Facebook Ministers who continue to stay humble even when working in cabinet really deserve all the respect they can get! Politicians are considered as government servants as well, therefore we hope that they remain humble and down-to-earth. We believe in you, Mat Sabu! All the best! [video width="400" height="226" mp4="https://thecoverage.my/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/33044739_379828949178637_5936389885408575488_n.mp4"][/video]   (Source: Facebook / Langit Biru)



  1. YB Loh

    May 24, 2018 at 15:29

    Not yet, not yet…..give him a few more years…

  2. Fairuz

    May 25, 2018 at 01:02

    Good man. Lovable character. One speaker I never want miss.
    God lnows how to take care of good people. Abang Mat is a clear example.

  3. Tony Siew

    May 27, 2018 at 01:49

    Malaysia has never been in safer hands…Who on earth would wanna attack that AWESOME SMILE !!!

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