1,000 Stray Dogs Poisoned to Death And Treated Like TRASH! Are We Humans?! - The Coverage

1,000 Stray Dogs Poisoned to Death And Treated Like TRASH! Are We Humans?!

1,000 dogs were poisoned to death by Saddar Town administration in Pakistan! This action angers the public, especially the animal activist!

Posted by Pakistan Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), they shared a video of the massive dog killings in order to create awareness to stop killing stray dogs! The post went viral with almost 33,000 shares and 1.5 million views! Clearly, people are extremely angered by this killing! 

Screenshot (219)

Screenshot (221)

Screenshot (224)

Public gets even furious seeing the Chief Sanitary Inspector of Saddar Town, Waqar Ahmad was there on the location, stating he was there to supervise the public display on a busy road!

Screenshot (225)

Screenshot (229)

Even though these are stray dogs, but they have life, they have feelings too. It’s cruel and inhumane to kill dogs! Pakistan Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) encouraged people to sign their petition and be part of their campaign to end the dog killings. Instead of massive killing, administration should do mass vaccination and sterilization, that’s what a human should do. 

Screenshot (234)

Screenshot (233)

Screenshot (232)

Poor little souls, is here no humanity in this world anymore??

Watch the video here!

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