13-Year-Old Boy Arrested For Allegedly Feeding His Classmate Noodles Laced With Cockroach Poison - The Coverage

13-Year-Old Boy Arrested For Allegedly Feeding His Classmate Noodles Laced With Cockroach Poison

Why are cases like this popping up in our societies so often nowadays, how are these kids getting all these ideas to commit crimes and for what reason? Have things come to a point where poisoning is the only way to solve misunderstandings?

A Form One Sarawak student has been arrested for allegedly poisoning his classmate by lacing his food with cockroach poison.

It was reported that the alleged poisoning happened at a school in Sri Aman on Thursday, July 20, afternoon.

The victim, also aged 13, was rushed to the Sri Aman Hospital by school staff members after he began vomiting a few minutes after eating some food allegedly given to him by his classmate.

The father of the victim lodged a police report at the Sri Aman police station after a teacher told him about the alleged poisoning.

The Sarawak Criminal Investigation Department chief Senior Asst Comm Datuk Dev Kumar said that the school boy was arrested at his house in Sri Aman at 2.30 am Friday, July 21.

“We have arrested the 13-year-old schoolboy and also seized a box of roach poison.”

According to SAC Dev, the police are still investigating the motive and have classified the case under Section 328 of the Penal Code for causing hurt by poisoning. He also added that the suspect panicked and ran away from school after the incident but police located his house address and made the arrest.

“An initial probe shows that the suspect brought a container of noodles and roach poison to school.

“The suspect allegedly mixed the poison into the noodles and gave it to the victim.

“The victim began vomiting a few minutes later and a teacher was alerted before he was rushed to the hospital.”

I really wonder, could this be another case of school bullying? Where did the boy get the idea from and did he not think of the consequences before doing the crime? Now you’ve been arrested, I hope you learned your lesson!

Kids, please don’t learn from this person and be smart about the choices you make in life! Do not ever endanger someone else for your own pleasure!

(Source: The Star)

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