This 14-year-old Girl Definitely Has Nerves Made Of Steel For Running Away TWICE With Her Boyfriend!!! - The Coverage

This 14-year-old Girl Definitely Has Nerves Made Of Steel For Running Away TWICE With Her Boyfriend!!!

Wow, if I ever did this, I don’t think I would even have a home to come back, after the whole running away saga. And I’m pretty sure many others can relate to this.

Apparently, this wasn’t the first time this underage girl, Voo Zi Rou, decided to flee away from her family just so she could be with her boyfriend. At the beginning of the year, she had already pulled off her first escape plan and that’s when her family found her with the 17-year-old boyfriend.

Then again on 30th January, she went ‘missing’ after deliberately lying to her family that she was going to the toilet. This time around, her aunt had already suspected that Zi Rou had once again disappeared to be with her boyfriend. Come on! Use your brains, please! You aren’t in a tragic movie til running away from your family is considered a romantic move.

One can only wonder at this point, what is making her or rather, triggering her to run away.

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This was what the 44-year-old aunt had to say regarding the whole incident that took place at a restaurant in Jalan Teluk Sisek, Kuantan:

“She came back to Malaysia to celebrate Chinese New Year with her father’s family,”

“The first time Zi Rou went missing was on January 8 when she was at her grandfather’s house in Shah Alam, Selangor. However, she was found in Kampung Jawa the next day, together with her 17-year-old boyfriend,”

“I’m very sure that my niece is with her boyfriend, which is why I’m pleading him to send Zi Rou back to her family. I hope the public can be on the look out for Zi Rou as well and contact the authority if anyone sees her.”

I really hope that this guy who claims to be her beloved boyfriend is not harming her in any way and that he will actually stop taking her away from her family. If you really want her that badly, go get married, if you have the balls to pick up that responsibility at your age now.

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