14-Year-Old Snake Collector Uploads Photos Of Bite Wound By Pet Cobra On Social Media Before Dying - The Coverage

14-Year-Old Snake Collector Uploads Photos Of Bite Wound By Pet Cobra On Social Media Before Dying

We know that keeping reptiles as pets are cool and mysterious, but you also need to know the consequence and the risk that it comes with! Even if you have a bond with the reptiles, doesn’t mean you can let your guard down around them, after all, they’re hunters and they have wild instincts!

A teenager from Bandung Regency, West Java, have to learn it the hard way, but it was all too late.

The 14-year-old, identified by his nickname “Aril” was an avid snake collector who owned more than a dozen of the slithering reptiles. He was also known to be active in communities for reptile owners in Bandung that often organize dangerous street attractions involving venomous snakes in order to raise money for disaster victims.

Source: Detik

Sadly, Aril returned to his maker after he was bitten by his own pet cobra last week. Before his untimely death, he was inadvertently documenting the crucial moments that led to his death on social media.

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On the morning of December 11, he uploaded a couple of photos to his WhatsApp Status which were obtained by Detik. The first photo shows a time stamp of 9.50 pm (it was later determined in media reports that the incident actually occurred at 9.50 am), shows Aril’s cobra widening its hood in an aggressive stance after the teen tried to take a photo of it after bathing it, giving it the caption, “Why don’t you smile a little?”

Source: Detik

Approximately four minutes later, another photo was uploaded, showing a bloody bite mark on Aril’s arm with the caption, “Between life and death.”

Source: Detik

According to Aril’s mother, Neuis Marpuah, the boy was alone at home at the time as she was at work and her husband was aboard. so there was no one to immediately help him following the bite.

She was quoted by Detik,

“Aril made the status not to show off, but to ask for help from his friends. Because no one came, he later wrote the status, ‘If anyone feels like they’re my friend, please take me to the hospital.'”

Some of his friends eventually came to his rescue and brought him to the hospital at about 11 am, however, Aril passed away at 10 pm that same day. Guess the venom already got in too deep in his system.

But one thing sounds a little off to me, if Aril had his cellphone with him, he could’ve called the police or the ambulance by himself, why must he wait for his friends to rescue him? If he doesn’t know the phone number, he can look it up online, because he obviously has data as he was using WhatsApp to update his statuses. 

What’s your take on this? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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