15-Year-Old Boy Arrested After 12-Year-Old Girlfriend Gives Birth To Their Child - The Coverage

15-Year-Old Boy Arrested After 12-Year-Old Girlfriend Gives Birth To Their Child

You may or may not agree, but sex education is very important especially for the younger generation. They do not know the consequences of having unprotected sex, this is where parents should step in and teach them.

Growing up Asians, our parents usually avoid the topic, they are stern yet shy to educate us about the birds and the bees. But as the new generation parents, we have to do our part in guiding our young ones into a proper life.

Having sexual intercourse with a minor is an offence to the law in many countries. No kid should ever have to go through such a childhood. Most kids these days learned of these immoral acts from their peers, it is vital for the parents to know exactly what their child have been learning from their peers and school!

Source: We Are Teachers

A few days ago, a 12-year-old Sarawakian girl reported gave birth to a baby on the ground floor of her family’s home at 6 pm on December 3.

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It is learned that she and her 15-year-old boyfriend had been having unprotected sex since the end of 2016.

According to Sibu deputy OCPD Supt Martin Koo, the boy was detained on the same day after she admitted to giving birth to the baby.

Source: Daily Mail

“She put the newborn in the drawer of a cabinet in a storeroom and left the baby there. Her 16-year-old sister was shocked to hear the baby’s cries and found the baby in the drawer, wrapped in a towel.”

The boy has since been detained for investigations under Section 376 of the Penal Code for statutory rape.

Girl, you think it is fun to be a teenage mom, much less a child mom? You’re not even a teen yet, your lady bits haven’t even fully developed yet, what are you doing having sex? Is your childhood that sad that you’re not occupied with imaginations and games to play with your friends? 

Parents these days are enablers, they pamper their child too much with gadgets and technology that they forget what it’s like to play in the sand, river or even mud! 

Stop being shy about the subject of sex and educate them from a young age, teach your daughters to say ‘NO’ and your sons to respect girls and control their lust and curiosity. 

What’s your take on this? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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(Source: The Star)

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