MALAYSIA FLOOD ALERT : 5 Rivers in 5 States On Red Alert Worrying Levels - The Coverage

MALAYSIA FLOOD ALERT : 5 Rivers in 5 States On Red Alert Worrying Levels

Water levels or several rivers throughout the nation have reached an alarming height and has sparked concerns of flooding.


The government has issued warnings to the general populous after several water levels exceeded normal levels, said the Drainage and Irrigation Department’s online flood information website (which provides up to date data on river water levels).The rivers in question are rivers located in the states of Perak, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, Johor and Sabah.

Pic Source : The Malaysian Insider

Pic Source : The Malaysian Insider

The water levels along Sungai Padas in Sabah exceeded dangerous levels yesterday at 6.30pm, elevating the chances of a massive flood in the area.According to a website, the water levels at the station in Beaufort was 8.79m, which was well above the normal water levels of 4.5m.


468 people in the area were evacuated and placed in relief centers on Wednesday.The Kampung Jawa station in Klang, along the Sungai Klang area, recorded water levels of 4.81m.Normal water levels usually rise near the 3m mark. Anything above 4.7m constitutes “danger”, which brings about a warning of potential flooding in the area.


The water level of Negeri Sembilan’s Sungai Muar is at 62.53m above the normal water levels of 61.8m.


Sungai Perak is currently at 112.09m, just under a meter below its danger level.


Johor’s Sungai Sayong has hit 15.30m, one meter above its regular height of 14.3m.

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Meanwhile, Bernama reported that  1,327 people nationwide were told to move to evacuation centers.

Source : The Star 

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