16-Year-Old Malaysian Student Is Suing Nine People For RM2 Mil Over A Bullying Incident - The Coverage

16-Year-Old Malaysian Student Is Suing Nine People For RM2 Mil Over A Bullying Incident

A victim of school bullies filed a RM2 million lawsuit against nine people

The incident in question is alleged to have taken place at the teenager’s school in Wakaf Tembesu on April 26 last year.

In the suit, filed in the Kuala Terengganu High Court yesterday, the 16-year-old victim claimed that he was bullied, with the five senior boys holding him down for three hours at the head prefect’s room in the school hostel.

He also claimed to have suffered physical injuries, including a cut on his right ear and loss of hearing, and emotional distress following the incident.

Aside from the senior students and the headmaster, the suit also named the student affairs senior assistant and two others.

The victim’s father, Ahmad Fauzi Abdullah, filed the suit on his behalf, with the help of the law firm of Messrs Wan Azleana Wan Adnan and Associates.

Ahmad Fauzi Abdullah and his wife Rusaila Abdullah, files a RM2 million lawsuit against nine people, including five of the bullies, at theTerengganu High Court.

Fauzi told NST the lawsuit was to ensure that justice would prevail and those responsible for allowing the bullying culture to proliferate would be held accountable.

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“As a result of the bullying, my son is unable to carry on with his life in a normal way as he is still traumatised by the incident.

“We hope that this case will serve as a lesson for all concerned,” he was quoted as saying.

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