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19 Stray Dogs In Taiping Put To Sleep To Prevent Rabies Outbreak

It is sad that Malaysia had been rabies free all these years, but the disease still manages to sneak into our country and put us and our pets in danger. Although the rabies vaccine is available, there are many pet owners who can’t afford it because they have many dogs or cats.

It was reported that 19 stray dogs in Kuala Sepetang, Taiping were euthanized yesterday, July 17, as a measure to curb the spread of rabies.

The Perak Veterinary Services Department (DVS) director Dr. Fuziah Muhayat said the department had also conducted a census and surveillance operation within a kilometer from the location where the rabies infection had occurred with an anime population of 305.

“Vaccination operations have been carried out within one kilometer of the rabies infection location and as of yesterday, only one dog was vaccinated.”

According to Fuziah, 5 samples had been taken from dogs in Kuala Sepetang and sent to the Institute of Veterinary Research for analysis.

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Netizens are urged to be careful when near a stray dog who looks like a potential rabies infected dog or cat, as it is a fatal disease to humans too!

(Source: Free Malaysia Today)

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