2 Singaporean Men Created A Fuss In A Taxi And Even Smoked In The Vehicle!!! - The Coverage

2 Singaporean Men Created A Fuss In A Taxi And Even Smoked In The Vehicle!!!

SINGAPORE: On 17th December, around 3 in the morning, a taxi driver was stopped by a man wearing a blue striped shirt who suddenly dashed out to the road beside South Beach Tower “popular party spot”.

Two guys and a lady rushed into the taxi, however, due to change of shifts, the taxi driver was not heading to their desired destination, Redhill.

Probably drunk to their bones, the two men refused to get off the ride and even started smoking inside.

The taxi driver said:

“A group of two guys and one lady then hopped into my taxi. They refused to get out of my taxi despite me repeatedly telling them I was not heading towards their direction due to shift change.

“I had to shut my engine and get out to avoid any further aggression or prevent any physical attack as most experienced drivers would do.

“Shortly after, as seen in the video, the two man started smoking in the cab in a disdainful manner. The man in blue got out of the cab first while the other at the back seat put out his cigarette ashes in the taxi, refused to get out and invoked the call for police.”

Though they were the ones who challenged the taxi guy to call up the police, once he did as they requested they all fled the scene before the authorities could show up.

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It is unfortunate as he was told by the officers that there were no criminal offences and they would not take any action. Well, I personally think it’s about time to have such laws for hooligans to teach them a thing or two.

Taxi drivers are humans too you know! Their safety and well-being should also be taken into consideration.

And apparently during all the hoo-haa, the lady friend had actually called an Uber ride, hopefully, that Uber driver was not harassed too!

Watch the video below! Credits to STOMP.SG

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