2 Students Hospitalized After Brutally Beaten Up By 26 Seniors - The Coverage

2 Students Hospitalized After Brutally Beaten Up By 26 Seniors

Oh no, not again…

Just when the nation thought bullying cases are over after the devastating case of T.Nhaveen and Zulfarhan who succumbed to their injuries after being brutally abused by their peers. These bullies just never stop huh.

It was reported that a group of 26 students went on a bullying spree at a vocational college in Kuala Nerus, Terengganu. Three of the juniors claimed they were assaulted, however, only two was reportedly hospitalized as they sustained multiple injuries.

The assailants had grouped up and violently beat up and kicked the victims at around 1.30 am, on Tuesday, August 8, when 16-year-old Ahmad Zikrill A’zim Hasbullah was sleeping. The teen was suddenly covered with a blanket and beaten up by the group of students.

Source: Facebook

The other students who witnessed the incident were ordered to keep quiet and not interfere. Ahmad Zikrill, who is a first-semester student studying electronics technology and a state junior bowler, sustained bruises on his body from the beatings.

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After woken up by Ahmad Zikrill’s shouting due to excruciating pain, his close friend, Wan Ahmad Faris Wan Zakaria had tried to intervene in the assault. However, he also suffered the same fate as Ahmad Zikrill did.

Source: Facebook

The two victims were not only punched and kicked while having their faces covered, some even tried to squash them, on top of that the assailants also allegedly forced to perform oral sex.

Ahmad Zikrill fainted after the assault and was rushed to the Emergency Unit of Sultanah Nur Zahirah Hospital in Batu Burok where he fainted for the second time halfway while having his statement taken by the police.

Source: SAYS

Terengganu education, science, technology and transformation committee chairman Abdul Latiff Awang said the first attack by a group of 11 was on Muhammad Luqman Hakim Mohd Shukri at about 10.30 pm.

Meanwhile, Wan Ahmad Faris suffered injuries to his leg and scratches on his body. He was allegedly beaten until he vomited.

Source: Facebook

According to New Straits Times, the seniors acted violently and assaulted the victims because they were unsatisfied with their juniors who apparently refused to follow their orders.

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Latiff added that he was very disappointed with the incidents with Terengganu, having a total of 230,000 students, recording 16 serious cases for the first eight months this year.

“Bullying, whether physically, mentally, via social media or other means can be traumatic to the victims and have a severe effect on their health.

“This has to stop. Although many cases appear to be insignificant, we do not want it to become a trend and spill-over to a more serious issue.”

Source: Facebook

District police chief Assistant Commissioner Idris Abdul Rafar confirmed the case. Meanwhile, 15 students were arrested from the school and were brought to the Magistrates Court to be remanded for 4 days, some were even seen crying en route to the court. The police later arrested 11 more suspects following the multiple attacks.

Source: SAYS

The case is being investigated under Section 147 of the Penal Code for rioting, punishable with jail up to two years, or a fine, or both.

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When you were beating people up in a gang, you’re damn tough, now when caught, you cry. WOW, not so tough now, huh! Just because you’re a senior, doesn’t mean you have the rights to order people around!

What do you think of the case?

(Source: World Of Buzz / New Straits Times / Says)

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