20-Year-Old Woman Gets Car Hijacked, Robbed Off RM2,000 And Forced To Perform Oral Sex!!! - The Coverage

20-Year-Old Woman Gets Car Hijacked, Robbed Off RM2,000 And Forced To Perform Oral Sex!!!

Ladies, please be extra careful especially if you are driving late night or at ungodly hours, alone!

Just yesterday, it was reported by World of Buzz that a 20-year-old woman got her car hijacked and was forced to perform oral sex on him. This horrific incident was reported to have taken place in Bukit Mertajam, Penang.

The victim who is only known as Gan had just returned home at 5.45am after having supper with friends. Not suspecting any danger, she opens her car door to only be greeted by a man holding a knife.

Gan was threatened to get back into her car quietly while the robber also got into the passenger seat. As he held the knife straight towards her head, the evil man told her to drive away to another location, claimed the victim.

The suspect even praised her appearance and told her not to scream, or else there will be consequences (aiming to injure her face).

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As soon as the got outside of the residential area, the man instructed her to stop the car and then asked her to climb towards the back of the car. He even warned her to not do anything stupid, that may cause her harm.

It was reported that after the victim and suspect switched places in the vehicle, the robber drove the car to a bank where she was forced to withdraw RM2,000.

Gan begged to be released unharmed and to return her smartphone since she had obliged to all his commands. Surprisingly enough, the suspect agreed after giving her a warning to not turn on her phone.

This time, when they got back into the car, Gan was blindfolded with the clothes that were in her car. The suspect drove into a dark location, which the victim claim to be roughly 10 minutes away from the bank.

This was when things became worse, as when he took off her blindfold, he had already unbuttoned his pants and requested her to perform oral sex on him.

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Shocked was the victim! Gan refused to comply and pleaded him once again to just release her since he had the money already. Thankfully, Gan’s endless pleas were taken into consideration and the suspect stopped forcing her.

It also appears that the man had made a phone call but the conversation was unclear. Once again blindfolded, Gan was asked to climb back to the rear seat. This was when she took the opportunity to remove the blindfold and switched on her phone to text her friends for help.

Probably, getting more nervous, the suspect didn’t even realise that Gan had ignored his instructions to lay down on the seat and as they stopped at a traffic light where there were cars in front and next to them.

The victim then decided to jump out of the car to get help from other motorists. Stunned by her actions, the man sped off in her car. Gan claimed that besides the RM2,000 cash, she also lost her Perodua Myvi, a gold ring, a Titus watch, her mother’s passport and an iPhone 7, which she somehow managed to hid under the seat at the beginning of the robbery.

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Let’s just say that we are glad that at least Gan is safe and that we sincerely hope that the suspect gets caught by the police a.s.a.p! Please stay safe everyone!



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