22 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide At Penang Condo After She Fails Her Exams & Cheating BF Dumps Her - The Coverage

22 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide At Penang Condo After She Fails Her Exams & Cheating BF Dumps Her

A 22-year-old Swedish girl studying in Penang met an all too early end after she jumped to her death from a condominium. Eyewitnesses, who were at the pool of the Sri York condominium the night the tragedy happened told police they had first seen the victim, Mrida Kaul, dancing without clothes on in her room while blasting sad songs. Afterward, she took a bag of rubbish and threw it out from the fourth-floor unit, at 8:45pm on March 9, Saturday, reports Oriental Daily.

Not long after that, she leaped from her house and died on the spot. A security guard there spotted her body and placed an emergency call to the police. Upon their arrival, they also broke into the victim’s room with help from the fire and rescue department and found her belongings scattered all over the floor.

A good friend of Kaul’s told police that Kaul’s boyfriend had cheated on her, and the latter had found someone new, which left her distraught. She also revealed that there had been a disagreement between Kaul and her housemate – who was in Subang at the time – and she had felt more depressed than ever after failing her exams.

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She must have felt so helpless during those dark days! Upon further investigation, northeast district police chief Asst. Commissioner Che Zaimani Che Awang told the press that no injuries apart from the ones inflicted by the fall had been found, and that the case had been classified as sudden death, since there was no evidence of foul play.

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