3 Foreigners Yell Racist Remarks And Injured Man On Subway In South Korea - The Coverage

3 Foreigners Yell Racist Remarks And Injured Man On Subway In South Korea

We still find it so hard to understand why can’t people leave in harmony, we are all humans, we live on the same planet, and yes, we may have different cultures, skin tones, and religions but that doesn’t make us less human than each other!

With all these different cultures we learn so many different things every day, food unites nations and it ain’t so bad eating each other’s cuisine, isn’t it?

However, these three women thought it would be a great idea to shout racist slurs and even assault a subway passenger after they were asked to quiet down last Friday (March 30) in South Korea.

Two of them are Americans while the third woman is British.

According to the man, the 5 pm incident that occurred on the train in Gyeonggi-do began when he asked the trio to quiet down. Instead of realizing that they were disturbing the public, they reacted violently and slapped the victim’s face, with one woman using her hair comb to stab the man, leaving him with bruises and cuts on his face.

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Source: AllKpop

A viral video clip circulation South Korean social media and news outlets showed one of the American women making racist gestures to passengers and yelling profanity at them, prompting some commuters to change their seats.

Another one was caught twerking on the subway train as well.

The man then called the police, however, the three women attempted to run away from the scene. The man ran after them and managed to stop them. When the police arrived, the man stated that the women started making false accusations, stating that the man had tried to touch them.

The three women revealed to be in Korea as English teachers at a private languages center or academies that operate like businesses separate from the South Korean public school system.

Currently, an investigation is ongoing at Anyang Dongan Police Station.

Watch the video below, and tell us what you think! Is their claim true that the man tried to touch them? You tell us.

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Official video from YTN News

(Source: Next Shark / AllKpop / Streamable)

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