3 Year Old Girl Becomes Popular After Mom Dresses Her Up In Food, Vegetable & Fruits - The Coverage

3 Year Old Girl Becomes Popular After Mom Dresses Her Up In Food, Vegetable & Fruits

The internet is going crazy after seeing such adorable and cute pictures of a little girl dressed by her mom in food, vegetables and fruits as her clothing. How sweet and savory! Many people have taken to the internet super creative pictures that has all gone super viral and now this one is really really creative.

A mother Alya Chaglar, 31 from Turkey gained 30,000 followers instantly on her page after uploading pictures of her 3 year old girl, Stefani dressed in food stuffs. Stefani is super adorable and quite the poser. Somebody from the kids fashion industry should hire her!

No one could have ever thought such boring items can be so interesting and fun but this mom totally brought fashion to a whole new level of FRESH. Kudos!

It’s not real outfit or clothing but it looks like it. It’s just a yummy trick for the eye.

Her mother shared about how she started taking these pictures. She said it all started when she was holding a slice of watermelon in front of her when her daughter stood away from her. Instantly she got an idea of getting a photoshoot done. Alya also said to Huffington Post,

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‘She enjoys modeling. She struck a pose spontaneously and her facial expression was hilarious.’

What a talented and jovial kid. Mummy surely loves you so much, cutie! 

Here’s some of the awesomely cute pictures of Stefani.

Food Dresses

B-A-N-A-N-A-S! Alya Chaglar, 31, from Antalya, Turkey, and her daughter have gained an online following for Alya's clever 'food dress' creations

Source: Daily Mail UK

Food Dresses

Food Dresses

Food Dresses

Source: boredpanda.com

Above and beyond: Alya uses everything from fresh produce to beautiful flowers for her sartorial creations

Hit the carpet: While the forced perspective food creations are stunning, Stefani and her adorable expressions are the real star

Get the look: Stefani's 'dresses' are easily fodder for inspiration for the Met Gala A fruity look: Stefani just loves to model, her mom told Huffington Post

Source: Daily Mail UK

You should checkout her Instagram for more pictures! You’ll definitely love how cute it is and enjoy looking at them. Or probably even imagine how it’ll look like being really invented into a real dress. 

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