After 3 Years Of Keeping Silent, 15-Year-Old Daughter Exposes Father's Sexual Assaults - The Coverage

After 3 Years Of Keeping Silent, 15-Year-Old Daughter Exposes Father’s Sexual Assaults

Is this some kind of pattern? Why are there so many family members being convicted of raping another family member? Just recently, a grandfather, father and two uncles were sentenced to 335 years in jail (collectively).

Now, comes another case of a father secretly raping his 15-year-old daughter for the past 3 years!

It seems, that last week the victim couldn’t bare the pain anymore and opened up her darkest hours to her school counsellor. In total, it was alleged that she was raped 7 times.

Her first sexual assault was claimed to have taken place at a hut inside an oil palm plantation within the district however her following incidents took place at her own home, at a village in Kabong.

Upon receiving the complaint, police had immediately arrested the 48-year-old alleged rapist at 11am on Friday, last week.

Investigations are undergoing as the daughter has been sent for a medical examination.

When will these cases ever cease? Why are there so many cases of such? What has poisoned our own bloodline to commit such heinous acts?

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Even our homes aren’t a safe place anymore!


Source: NST



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