4th November 2018 Jho Low 37th Birthday - Will This Year Be His Worst Birthday Celebration Ever? - The Coverage

4th November 2018 Jho Low 37th Birthday – Will This Year Be His Worst Birthday Celebration Ever?

Low Taek Jho born 4 November 1981 , often called Jho Low, is a Malaysian financier and fugitive wanted by the Malaysian authorities in connection to the 1MDB scandal.

The Billion-Dollar Mystery Man and the Wildest Birthday Party Vegas Ever Saw

The Chairman Suites, at $25,000 per night, were the most opulent the Palazzo had to offer, with a pool terrace overlooking the Strip. But the host didn’t plan to spend much time in the room that night; Mr. Low had a much grander celebration in store for his 31st birthday. This was just the preparty for his inner circle, who had jetted in from across the globe. Guzzling champagne, the guests, an eclectic mix of celebrities and hangers-on, buzzed around Mr. Low as more people arrived. Swizz Beatz, the hip-hop producer and husband of Alicia Keys, conversed animatedly with Mr. Low. At one point, Leonardo DiCaprio arrived alongside Benicio Del Toro to talk to Mr. Low about some film ideas.

Just after 12:20 a.m., the sky lit up with fireworks. Partying went into the early hours, with performances by Usher, DJ Chuckie, and Kanye West. Surrounded by celebrities and friends, Mr. Low piled into a limousine and brought the party back to the Palazzo, where he gambled well into the bright light of Sunday afternoon.

This was the world built by Jho Low.

“While you were sleeping, one Chinese billionaire was having the party of the year,” began an article on the website of local radio station KROQ two days later, mistaking Mr. Low’s nationality. It referred to him as “Jay Low.” It wasn’t the first time Mr. Low’s name seeped into the tabloids or was associated with extravagance—and it wasn’t the last—but the Vegas birthday party was a peak moment in his strange and eventful life.

What went on inside Jho Low’s over-the-top 30th birthday party

For his 20th birthday, he rented out a Philadelphia club called ‘Shampoo’ that had a naked woman completely covered in sushi, wrote Wright.

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As a result of these extravagant parties, Low earned himself the nickname, the “Asian Great Gatsby”.

During his birthday bash in 2012, a guest claimed that Low had hired Britney Spears to sing “Happy Birthday” for a whopping USD1 million (RM4 million)!

By allegedly stealing USD5 billion (RM20.7 billion) from the 1MDB state fund, Jho Low managed to trick his way into living the seemingly ‘glamourous’ lifestyle

“It’s a tale about how money buys anything in the world: a mega-yacht, friendship with Leo DiCaprio, trips to the White House, attention from Goldman Sachs, money+chutzpah make the world go round,” the Wall Street Journal reporter continued.

“The more money you have, the more you can manipulate it.”

The Penang-born financier was known to spend thousands of dollars throwing lavish birthday parties for himself

The 30th birthday party to beat all parties

But nothing, we have learnt, can match the 3/4th November 2012 Las Vegas birthday bash to celebrate Jho Low’s 30th year held in a special marquee estimated to have cost “double digit millions” to put on.

On the guest list were dozens of ‘A list’ Hollywood stars, who produced a spectacular stage show.

Yet, astonishingly, it again took place under conditions of utter secrecy.

Guests were banned from taking photos, they had to hand over their cell phones and even had to sign non-disclosure agreements before being allowed in.

“Pop princess Britney Spears! New love mates Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, plus, Paris Hilton and Italian model beau River Viperi! They were among the celebrities who turned the biggest star-studded private celebration Las Vegas has ever seen into the party of the year.

With R&B and rap stars Swizz Beatz, Ludacris and Chris Brown debuting their single “Everyday Birthday,” it was a mega lineup of music superstars all under a giant open-air tent. The party included a Ferris wheel, a fairground carousel, a circus trampoline, a cigar lounge and a huge, after-midnight, 15-minute fireworks show.

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…The extraordinary celebration got underway at 10 p.m., although it looks to have taken at least 10 days to set up the party area on an empty lot just off the Strip. Unless you had the printed parking permit and your name was on the security list, there was no way for gatecrashers to get through the super-tight, airport-style security.

..It was nonstop, unlimited drinks poured by an attractive army of 250 glamour girls dressed in revealing, short, tight red outfits.

There also was a super squadron of Cirque du Soleil-type entertainers on stilts, masked curvy creatures, revelers in lit-up costumes and bizarre outfits, and lacy lingerie-wearing ladies swinging on hoops suspended over the two screened, offside walls where the dancers kept the electricity sparking. A troupe of mini-people even added to the fun.

The party playpen was divided into two sections, an amusement park area with fairground attractions and a nightclub-style dance floor area with luxurious leather couches to watch the sensational stage and firework shows.

On stage, the 2-hour concert never seemed to end, with Oscar winner Jamie Foxx playing unexpected MC and wrangler of the stars. Psy opened the private concert with his monster global hit “Gangnam Style.”

..Swizz Beatz, Busta Rhymes and QTip followed with amazing performances before the massive fireworks display.

That was the cue for Britney’s arrival as she strolled through the crowd greeting the platinum party people and then going up onstage. As Britney sang, a laser light show lit up the sky as the four giant overhead video screens rolled up to give everybody the perfect view of the fireworks.

The celebrity list was endless. I have been to many jaw-dropping “Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous” parties around the world over the years, but this one topped them all.”

Held on the former Wet ‘n’ Wild site that fronts the Strip, the celebration included a massive tent that featured an indoor Ferris wheel, a 12:45 a.m. fireworks display and a jaw-dropping lineup of A-list celebrities topped off by birthday serenades from Britney Spears.

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The 300-plus VIPs included: Oscar winners Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert De Niro, Jamie Foxx, Benicio del Toro, along with Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Olympic swimming great Michael Phelps and Korean pop sensation Psy of “Gangnam Style” fame.

One report had Di Caprio rapping onstage with Q-Tip and Busta Rhymes. LMFAO’S Redfoo and the Party Rock Crew also performed during the two-hour concert.

A source close to the event organizers described it as a launch party for the song “Everyday It’s Your Birthday,” a collaboration by hip hop producer Swizz Beatz, Ludacris and Chris Brown.

Who picked up the tab for the megabash was also something of a mystery.

Attendees had to sign nondisclosure agreements and were met with layers of extra security.

It’s fairly safe to say, in this era of six-figure appearance fees being paid to celebrities, that the all-in cost of the party may have approached double-digit millions.

One of the guests who got special attention from Spears was Malaysian billionaire Jho Low, known as Jay Low.

According to a party account that appeared on the website of Los Angeles radio giant KROQ, a friend presented the 30-something Jho with a $2.5 million, 1,000-horsepower Bugatti Veyron.

He’s a regular in gossip columns for champagne-fueled party tabs in excess of $100,000 and for flying celebrity pals like Paris Hilton around the world to join him.

Hilton, who attended Saturday’s soiree, has denied reports he paid her $1 million to party with him.

He is no stranger to the Las Vegas high-roller scene.

One of his previous over-the-top birthday parties in recent years was held at Gardens of the Gods pools at Caesars Palace.

One of the most infamous parties with which he was associated reportedly involved a $2 million champagne tab run up by his brother.

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