5 Reasons Why China Rejected Sh*t Tonnes of Musang King due to High Insecticide Is Fake News - The Coverage

5 Reasons Why China Rejected Sh*t Tonnes of Musang King due to High Insecticide Is Fake News

You may have seen this photo, first with a surge of happiness, only to discover that the caption/message says they are poisoned with a high level of insecticide on viral social media posts or Whatsapp.

Facebook Durian Fake News
Source: Facebook

Let us put you back into good mood again because not only food blogger explained why the news is fake, but China durian festival event organizers and local farmers confirm the falsity of news as well.

Here are 5 reasons why our Musang King is not poisoned and/or rejected!

1. Durians are shipped frozen to China

frozen durian
Source: Alibaba

Yes, the Chinese do not get to eat fresh durians like we do. The only time China had fresh durian was during Durian King Festival (DKF2017) where 4,000 kg of durians were shipped there unprocessed—fresh, said DKF2017 organizer and coordinator.

The control measures for food safety is so strict, some of them even have to take transit in Thailand or Hong Kong before they can reach China.

If my math is not failing me, I am pretty sure one year has not passed since last September.

2. Durians you see in the pictures are not even Musang King

eye roll gif
Source: Replygif

According to Karak Organic Durian Farm owner Ng Swee Ten, he said the durians in the picture is not Musang King cultivar in a NST report.

Ng has been operating his farm for more than 20 years. His judgment is one we can trust.

Besides, he said that the durians in the picture seemed to be Thailand durians and it may not be taken in Malaysia.

3. Durian’s shelf life won’t survive the trip back from China

If the news is real, you could be eating zombie durians already. Based on a food blog post, Wilson Ng explained that Malaysian durians are not like the ones from Thailand. We do not pluck the durians from the tree, we only collect them after they fall.

[…] durians can’t last for more than two days and it will spoil within a week. If you don’t believe us, just buy a durian and see how long it can last?

Thank you for your good advice, Wilson but I am not risking to spoil my durians just to prove the fake news.

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4. Shipping the Durian back to Malaysia and specifically to Raub and Bentong? Who paid the logistics?

We all know how much shipping costs. According to Wilson Ng, the screenshot of the fake news offers a wider context. It claims that the Musang King came all the way back to Raub and Bentong to be sold at RM30kg.

durian coming back from China
Source: Places and Foods

In a NST report, Raub Durian Orchard owner Eddie Yong with 32 years of experience said:

“It clearly does not make sense….who wants to pay the transportation fees to bring the durian back to Malaysia. The life span of our durians is only within one to two days before its gets rotten.

“Based from what I heard, the photograph (of durian which went viral) might have been taken in Thailand and some irresponsible individuals had circulated it claiming it is from Bentong and Raub which is known as the hometown of durians.”

5. The reason of price drop is not because of the presence of insecticide, but the overwhelming supply

One reason why the news had such a devastating circulation is also due to the insane durian price spike we had in the middle of the year, an almost RM100 per kg even.

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We previously covered that durian prices fluctuation is dependent on its demand and supply chain. In July, where the supposed first durian season of the year, did not have a good harvest. Thus, making Malaysians think that durians are now exotic.

However, the year-end harvest was a fruitful one, that is why we have an overwhelming of supply now.

On top of that, Bentong and Raub is the hometown of durian with many durian farms around. Ng Swee Ten said that reason of the drop to RM30-50 is because of competition in the area.

People in Klang Valley may not be so lucky in getting that price range.

Have you felt more relief after reading this? Share the good news with your family and friends, and have a happy durian feast tonight!

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