540kg Of Marijuana Drug In Police Custody Went Missing, Cops Blamed It On Rats - The Coverage

540kg Of Marijuana Drug In Police Custody Went Missing, Cops Blamed It On Rats

Okay, what is this? It doesn’t sound right!

A police officer allegedly accused a rat who is addicted to drugs for the missing 540kg of drugs in police custody.

The incident took place in Pilar, Buenos Aires, Argentina, when Emilio Portero Commissioner appointed Javier Specia as head of the police department and was tasked with keeping inventories of drug-banned substances after the previous officer was transferred to another unit.

During a spot check into the inventory by the Internal Affairs Division, the police found that about 540kg of drugs from the entire 6,000kg under the supervision of Specia disappeared.

Investigation papers were filed on Specia and three other officers under it to get an explanation on the loss of the marijuana drug.

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What attracted the attention of the public is the excuse given by Specia, he allegedly said that rats who are addicted to drugs had eaten it.

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However, there is no evidence or confirmation that rats are responsible for the loss of such drugs.

“If the rats were to eat that quantity in a time span of 2 years when the drug was stored, the rat would definitely die from an overdose. We didn’t find any rat carcasses.”

Specia refused to surrender and asked the judge to continue the case and to take his explanation into consideration.

In the meantime, no disciplinary action has been taken against them, they are instructed to be present at the federal court next month.

Does Specia’s excuse make any sense to you? What do you think they’ve done with the drug? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

(Source: Free Malaysia Today)

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