67-Year-Old Singaporean Man Sentenced To 13 Months Jail For Molesting Teen On MRT - The Coverage

67-Year-Old Singaporean Man Sentenced To 13 Months Jail For Molesting Teen On MRT

Can you perverts just keep your hands to yourselves in public spaces? You people are giving other public commuters a traumatic experience!

67-year-old Mak Yip Kee has been sentenced to 13 months jail term after admitting to molesting a 13-year-old female student two years ago on an MRT train.

The student who was dressed in her school’s Physical Education attire boarded the MRT train on January 7, 2016, Mak allegedly standing behind the student when he used his pinky finger to poke her private parts.

Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Winston Man told the district court that on the day of the incident, Mak was holding onto a safety bar with his right hand and had a mobile phone in his left hand.

Source: The New Paper

The teen who had just boarded the train at the time noticed the perpetrator’s little finger on his left hand was also pointing outward and shortly after the train departed the station, Mak poked the front of the girl’s thigh. She looked down and saw that his little finger was very close to her left thigh.

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She initially thought that the contact was accidental due to the train’s movement, so she moved away from Mak.

Source: Backpacking Malaysia

To her dismay, he then poked at her private parts over her shorts. However, she did not confront the man and instead moved further away from him as she was scared and he eerily observed her to see where she was going.

On top of that, Mak was also charged with molesting a 23-year-old woman, who is a business development executive. He allegedly swung his right hand towards the woman who stood near the train doors and “accidentally” touched her when he was alighting the train.

Photo for illustration purpose only | Source: Stomp

The student quickly realized that Mak had also touched her when she noticed the other victim moving backwards upon contact. She later approached the woman and upon finding out that Mak had also molested the woman, the teen shared her experience and broke down.

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That was when both women alighted the train at the same station and sought help from MRT staff, the police were also notified of the situation.

Photo for illustration purpose only | Source: Today Online

The retiree was then arrested four days later. Shockingly, he was found to have had a similar conviction 20 years ago. He faces up to two years jail term and/or a fine, but he escaped caning due to his age.

It’s so sad that this is what the world has come to. Men, please stop outraging the modesty of women! They’re not your plaything! Put your mother in your victim’s shoe, will you like it if that were the situation? 

We pray that all of his victims will be able to recover from this traumatic experience and stand up for many other women who are victims of commuter molesters!

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