A Malaysian Women Shocked to see a Naked Man Masturbating ! - The Coverage

A Malaysian Women Shocked to see a Naked Man Masturbating !

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A high schooler and her mother were rudely shocked when they saw through their CCTV stream, a man in his mid thirties masturbating in their back alley.

The high schooler was sitting in her room and was on her mobile phone while her mother was in the kitchen doing the dishes when the mother heard movements in their house’s back alley.

The mother who was curious if anything was happening outside the house, walked to the living room where the family has installed a CCTV system that could be monitored from a monitor in the living room.

She was shocked to see a naked man in his mid thirties masturbating in their back alley among the bushes while glancing into the kitchen. The mother quickly ran to the kitchen and opened a window before shouting “Oi, you tak pakai seluar ke? Buat apa?”.

The man who heard the mother shout panicked and ran away.

The high schooler told The Star that the incident took place while she was in her room at around 12.30 a.m.

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The man was seen in the CCTV footage, trying to peek into the kitchen. He obviously had some sick fantasy about the high schooler’s mother.

To the man in the CCTV footage:

Perhaps that fantasy was one that you should’ve kept in your head.

Real life is nothing like pornography. In porn, a woman might invite you in for a lovemaking session if she catches you masturbating outside her kitchen.

This is real life bro. She’ll call the police in the drop of a coin and have you sent to lockup.

The high schooler told The Star that neighbors have helped identify the man from the CCTV footage and confirmed that he was in fact, a resident of the area.

The family then made a police report the next day.

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