We Are Alive Within Two Days After Our Death! It's How Our Organism Shut Down Our System! - The Coverage

We Are Alive Within Two Days After Our Death! It’s How Our Organism Shut Down Our System!

A new study says that our genes start springing back into action, hours after our death! We were alive??



Researchers at the University of Washington revealed that beyond 24 hours of apparent clinical death, more than 1,000 genes in the human body remain active post-mortem! The genes continuously doing their tasks like how they used to be.

Biologists have been wondering for years, whether gene activist stops immediately or gradually after an organism dies. Now that they found out about the gene activity, they finally understand better about the death process. This research also help in providing better options for organ transplants!

Human organ transplant

“Active genes are normally transcribed by the cellular machinery in living cells. This creates a copy of the genetic instructions via the cellular messenger known as RNA. The number of mRNA found in circulation determines genes’ activity levels.”

To observe genetic activity in the experiments, researchers used mice and zebra fish as subjects. mRNA from the deceased lab animals was analyze, and they found activity in 1,063 genes!

“Most of the genes became active about half an hour after the animals’ death. The rest of the genes then sprung into action 24 to 48 hours later.”


The genes that remained active were those tasked to keep the system functioning properly. However, it is viewed as an organism’s way of shutting down its system.

“A step-wise shutdown occurs in organismal death that is manifested by the apparent upregulation of genes with various abundance maxima and durations,”

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