Animal Lovers Are In A Fright After A Pet Owner Gets Scammed Online Through A FB Community!!! - The Coverage

Animal Lovers Are In A Fright After A Pet Owner Gets Scammed Online Through A FB Community!!!

A pet owner by the name of Shaffiq, shared his devastating experience when he lost his 3 furbabies due to an online scammer. According to him, he was planning to go back to his hometown in Kedah for a month and needed someone to take care of his 3 kittens while he is away.

He approached a pet community page on Facebook, GENG PUSAK SARAWAK ( Group Pencinta Kucing ), to find assistance from other pet lovers. There is where his horrible experience begin.

This lady, Mary Maymay approached him after seeing his post. No one is entirely sure if this is her real picture or not, but this was the person that he stayed in contact with.

If you may not already know this by now, sending a pet to a proper pet lodging centre is very costly. Roughly each cat would cost RM10 for a day, and the victim was going away for a whole month. After agreeing to her terms, they exchanged messaged through Whatsapp.

According to the source, he had paid her RM120 (first half) and the rest they agreed to pay when he retrieves his babies. Just after a few days, he texted her again to ask about his kittens’ well-being but apparently now the cat’s food had gone missing. Yea, right! Like the food can walk by its own. 

Despite knowing that he wasn’t supposed to buy back the cat food that she had lost, he was only thinking of his babies at that point in time, in which he actually banked in the money to her so that she could supposedly “buy” back the lost food.

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Then, when it came to the time where he had to go back, he was “accused” of getting the dates wrong. This could only mean one thing, request for more payment of course. She added on RM50 to the RM170 that he still owed her for her service. Shaffiq, not being a person that likes to argue or question much, agreed to her terms once again.

pictures are in chronological order :left to right

Then suddenly, she requests him to transfer the amount to her sister-in-laws bank account and providing all the details cause apparently, the latter would be the one buying the cat food. Sensing that something was not right, he purposely asked her to pay the balance in full which she declined claiming that the sister-in-law will settle it.

She becomes desperate after this as she texts him 2 in the morning to get his confirmation that he had made the payment. Shaffiq even shared the details of the bank account holder. To make things worse, because he had transferred the money to a different bank, the processing would have took longer time and the scammer refused to wait and asked him to transfer the same amount of money to another bank account – which Shaffiq didn’t oblige by the way. Like what the f*ck right?!

pictures are in chronological order :left to right

After several days of staying quiet, suddenly she pops up back asking for a favour! She claimed that her child had fell sick and needed money for the clinic fees. Shaffiq is just way too kind-hearted for his own good, I tell you! 

He actually banked in for her in hopes that he could help her out. And you guessed it right! She gave another bank account number! This b*tch is going to rot in hell for stomping over people’s goodwill.

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After a short while, she texts him again and this time asked him when he will be arriving. She also showed him two pictures of his two cats. He did not wonder much what happened to his black kitten as it is usually shy and only opens up to him. So he did not suspect anything.

On 30th December, she postponed the day the victim was supposed to pick up his babies. She told him that someone had died in her family and she had things to attend to. The only person that is dead is you, woman!!!

Few days after, when Shaffiq contacted her, her “kid” answered for her saying that the mum isn’t around and just hours later, Whatsapp showed a rather odd notification. To top things off, at this point, she stopped replying him and all his messages were just “seen”.

pictures are in chronological order:left to right

This is the point when things get really desperate for Shaffiq. He decided to find another way to get in touch with Mary and here comes the “mother” of all bad signs, he sees his pet’s cage being sold on the same freaking community page! And at first it seems like someone else had put up his pet cage for sale, but when he checked out the profile…BINGO…it was a fake account which was mutually friended by Miss Mary herself!!!

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And how is the victim confident about it? She even gave the same phone number that he gave him, to her next online victim!

Here are the pictures of the evidence:

Now Shaffiq pleads for help to capture this lady and put her scams to a stop! She can’t even be reached anymore, maybe she blocked him or something. The sad thing is, after all of this, he doesn’t even know what had happened to his furbabies.

Please, let’s help each other to stop such despicable act! If anyone knows this lady personally or had made contact with her in any way, please do report it to the police or you can even drop us an email at HERE if you have encountered similar cases.

Also, the victim has already lodged a police report!





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