Anwar Needs to Assure the Public That He Was Not the Mastermind behind the Azmin Videos - PKR Anwar Need To Give Us An Answer - The Coverage

Anwar Needs to Assure the Public That He Was Not the Mastermind behind the Azmin Videos – PKR Anwar Need To Give Us An Answer

Yes I voted the PH in the last elections, that was not a blank cheque.

I still support PH but I have worries about the way PKR in particular is performing and that is worrying and unless we put matters straight right at the beginning we may find Najib and gang back and that is looking very real a threat they way this particulate party is behaving.

At first it was Nurul with her idealism, there is a vast difference between the the ideal and reality, she needed a reality check, she has not been heard of since, is she even seriously in politics I wonder, will she dare take on her father if need be, will she put her fathers interests or the interests of the nation first.

I am not asking her to choose she must know what politics and national duty and REFORMASi is a all about, she has to decide she can really if she knows how to and what is really important bring sanity to the whole party and for that she has to put filial interests aside.

As I see it there is a big doubt that Anwar will become a good Prime Minister, I see him as having the shortest tenure as PM if he chooses to become one, and I also suspect he knows he he is not the best choice.

No one, really no one ever saw or looked at Azmin being a threat to his succession as PM she imagined it and together with his team they wrecked havoc on the very party they founded.

Xavier Jayakumar could have taken a page out of Zuraida, Zuraida attended to her duty instead of a so called retreat at Port Dickson where the insecure Anwar Ibrahim wanted to make sure he had the numbers how ridiculous.

More than a million people the Klang valley are facing a major water crisis and Xavier Jayakumar gave precedence to a political function and left others to manage a major crisis when he should have been helming all activities to make sure the people had their water in time as fast as possible.

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The press has said water supply resumed by 3.00 a.m. this morning, there are still people in the que collecting water now at 7.33 p.m. in Klang.

What is happening are they in control of the situation or not.?

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Anwar needs to come out and assure the public that he was not the mastermind behind the Azmin videos as the IGP Hamid Bador had said the leader of a political party was the “mastermind.”

It was after this announcement that Anwar toned down and sang a completely different tune from what he was doing prior to the arrests of his own political secretary, and other party members.

He should not blame the general public for being led to believe that he was indeed the mastermind, his sudden overtures to Azmin seems to suggest so too, and his sudden call for a retreat where he orchestrated a call for support for him are all signs that he is the culprit behind the whole Azmin saga.

Anwar has done more damage to himself and Parti Keadillan than the cumulative damage done to him from Sodomy 1 and Sodomy 2, because now he has openly left his integrity in tatters and his silence about his involvement makes matters only worse.

The talk in town and the belief of the rakyat is now IF HE COULD DO THAT TO HIS MOST FAITHFUL LIEUTENANT THINK WHAT HE CAN DO TO THE REST OF US.

The talk in the PKR circles is that this animosity, not just rivalry stems from the time he nominated his wife for the position of Menteri Besar of Selangor.

PKR members of standing have revealed that during that time Azmin was not in favour of Wan Azizah Wan Ismail as Menteri Besar of Selangor after Anwar himself failed in his bid as he was about to go to jail to serve his sentence for Sodomy2.

The sources say that Azmin was upfront with his objections of Wan Azizah taking the position of Menteri Besar of Selangor as he knew she was not fit for the position as the evidence will now show since she became DPM. She wasn’t politically astute and would have been the ridicule of the opposition and the then Federal Government. The most certain recipe for the failure for the PH government in Selangor.

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Knowing that her failure would not augur too well for the party, (Azmin knew that better than anyone else having served as her deputy and being a founding member of the party), he was not prepared to let the party and its struggles fail with this one crazy move.

This animosity was compounded with the Nurul also joining the fray although she did no openly say so she felt that Azmin was becoming too ambitious and had betrayed the family, she felt that her mother should have been made the Menteri Besar, since that campaigning and other party activities were held differently and the animosity kept under wraps, the Anwar family just did not trust Azmin, and that is why they have become so suspicious of Azmin becoming the next PM.

Prior to this Azmin himself began feeling threatened first by Zaid Ibrahim whom Anwar had brought into the party and who was vying the Deputy’s position and then by Rafizi who turned out to be Anwar’s blue eyed boy.

Anwar was relying on Rafizi to interpret the financial situation in the government for him, although he was Finance Minister previously Anwar’s understanding of Finance and economics is next to zero, he is no financial wizard, and no strategist and as Diam Zainuddin said he was only a fiery orator who was short on deliverables.

Anwar is only a graduate in Malay studies everything he said as finance minister during his tenure as Finance Minister criticising Mahathir were nothing but echoes of what were being said by the IMF and other International bodies, after the financial crisis, at the end of the day Mahathir proved the whole damn lot including this upstart wrong.

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His handicap has made him beholden to Rafizi and the position of the DPM he feels must go to Rafizi when he takes over as PM that is if he does become PM.

Removing Anwar at that time was probably the best thing Mahathir did, had he not done it Anwar would have formed an alliance with PAS and this would have been not just an Islamic State but a Islamic Republic and if you talk to his followers from his ABIM days what was part of his thought process.


The answer rests with PH and more so with PKR are PKR members blindly loyal to Anwar Ibrahim or are their loyalties with the nation. The trouble is too many fo them are UMNOfied having their roots there and the thinking process so inclined. The non UMNO fellows look like they are more in the mold of the others who came before them and will follow for their own existence.

Are the PKR members just like UMNO members will they refuse to see these faults in Anwar Ibrahim and will they support him to become one although in the heart of hearts they all know he isn’t fit to be the PM and this is something both Wan Azizah and Nurul.know very well too, or will they leave sentiments aside and not back Anwar for the PM when the time comes.

If Anwar Ibrahi does become the Prime Minister of Malaysia he will be the shortest serving Prime Minister this country would have ever had and his demise will see the demise of PKR.

Frankly the PKR needs to continue that it started with Anwar Ibrahim’s incarceration is no doubt, and for it to continue as a force in this country Anwar Ibrahim must go.

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