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“At Least Say Thank You” – Twitter User Complained About Unappreciative Housemate

The saying of ‘kindhearted people are often taken advantage of’ is very true as we can see many examples of it around us. Do you take your friends for granted or are you taken advantage of?

This girl falls on the latter, Sahira Razali took to Twitter to lament about how her housemate has taken her kindness for granted for many years. She sarcastically starts of her Twitter thread,

“Hi! I provide free Grab service and will take you wherever you want to go, if you need a long time to get ready, I can wait. Many chose my service because I am a free Grab, I don’t need any tips, don’t need any appreciation, and you can slam my car door shut as hard as you want.”

Source: Oh My Media

According to Sahira, she has been sending and fetching her housemate to work everyday for the past few years. She not only have to wait for her to get ready, but her housemate wouldn’t even pay for the petrol.

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Source: Oh My Media

“If you can pay for the petrol, at least say thank you for sending you to work. At least that will calm my burning heart.

Source: Oh My Media

“It’s not easy breezy, I am willing to send her to work everyday but I just need an appreciation, at least thank me.”

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What’s even more ridiculous is that Sahira’s housemate take a hell long of a time to get ready. If you want people’s help to drive you to work, you shouldn’t make them wait, that’s common sense, they’re not your driver!

Source: Oh My Media

However, when Sahira confronts her housemate to ask for an appreciation or share the petrol fee, the housemate claims that Sahira is being calculative with her. She has tried to speak about this multiple times on different occasions.

Source: Oh My Media

Source: Oh My Media

Source: Oh My Media

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Some Twitter users have asked Sahira to not let her housemate ride in her car anymore. But the kindhearted lass confessed that she don’t have the heart to do such a thing as they live under the same roof.

Source: Oh My Media

Who would’ve thought that Sahira’s tweet would have reached almost 8,000 retweets and many other Twitter users have also stepped forward to share their similar encounters as poor Sahira.

What do you think about this? What would you do if you’re in Sahira’s shoes?

(Source: Oh My Media)

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