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This baby was left in the car at midnight so that his mother could go clubbing

I’ve heard and read countless of stories about parents leaving their child in the car but this has got to be the dumbest ever yet. It just pisses me off how people could just do this intentionally sometimes.

Recently a story about a two-year-old boy who was locked up in the car in the middle of the night by his 25-year-old mother had gone viral. If that doesn’t shock you already, she did it so that she could spend the night clubbing by a nearby nightclub.


The boy was discovered by passerby initially who heard loud screaming coming from a nearby car. When they approached it, they saw a young boy reportedly trapped in it while screaming for help.

The car was parked in the middle of the city of Schaffhausen and the passerby immediately called in for help. This occurred shortly after midnight on a Sunday whilst the mother was still partying.

What was incredibly frustrating was at how the mother of the child responded to the authorities. She returned to the car and explained that she was partying with colleagues at a nearby club. I wonder how she still had the audacity to say that.


One of the witnesses was so furious about how the mother responded that he ended up damaging her car. He was later arrested for vandalism. That guy probably embodies the rage I felt when I first heard about the news.

Here’s what I would say and it has probably been stated far too many times already. Dear parents, PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE YOUR KIDS IN THE CAR! I know that it may seem like a hassle sometimes to bring your kids down but it wouldn’t to just do it for a while.

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If you’re going to be away for a long period of time, don’t be an idiot and leave them in there. Even turning on the car engine for air conditioning isn’t going to help! We’re all sick and tired of such irresponsible people living alongside us, so please don’t do it. If you still choose to do this, frankly you don’t even deserve to be a parent then.

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