[BEWARE] Girl Molested And Almost Raped at Shell Petrol Station Batu 30 Machang, Kelantan - The Coverage

[BEWARE] Girl Molested And Almost Raped at Shell Petrol Station Batu 30 Machang, Kelantan

We have all heard of bad incidents that happen in petrol station toilets, especially when it’s late at night or at rest area stops along the highway when you’re travelling. Girls, always be careful and make sure that you are accompanied by someone when going to the petrol station public toilets late at night or even day. There are many creeps around ready to jump at the opportunity to take advantage of the dark restrooms or even quiet hours.

On Thursday, 13 July 2017, someone shared their nightmare of almost being raped at a Shell petrol station in Kelantan that went viral on Facebook.

This Facebook user shared about his sister in law, wife and his sibling that was involved in the incident. They stopped at the petrol station while they were on their trip to KL for a break and to use the toilet for their journey to KL. The incident happened at 11:30am, in the morning when it was bright and busy.

He said that his sister went into the toilet first, and there were 4 toilet cubicles and she even checked all 4 to pick the clean toilet and there was only 1 cubicle that was locked, which was the second toilet. So she decided to use the 4th toilet and to her surprise, a man climbed and jumped into the toilet that his sister was in while she was halfway doing her business. OMG, WHAT ON EARTH.

The man only clad in his shirt, and was not wearing his pants, then tried to rape her. She screamed and tried her best to escape but the man had already molested, and kissed her. She then tried to call his wife, but of course he took her phone instead. In her attempt to escape, she bit the man to try and escape but he still continued his attempt to rape her. A passerby heard her screaming, but she thought it was someone having a hysterical moment, hence she was afraid to help. But the girl continued screaming, “tolong..tolong..perogoll..” and thankfully this person heard it and went to ask for help from others. A man that was around came to help, and when the the suspect heard the male voice, he quickly climbed and jumped into the next cubicle. The girl quickly ran or her life without hesitation of where her things were and her clothes were also halfway buttoned.

Source: Lubok Viral dot Com

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In a pale looking fearful face, she ran straight into the car with her torn scarf, not knowing where her phone and spectacles were. The suspect then wore his pants in the toilet and just stood there innocently without doing anything, blaming the girl for entering the wrong toilet. The other people crowded around the man and made sure he was around till the police got there. When the police arrived, the suspect was seen to be in a very calm and relaxed mood. 

The police managed to arrest him and took him to the police station in Machang and was locked up. He was suspected to be on drugs or sex addiction.

The poor victim that experienced this horrible situation was in a trauma. She could not stop vomiting, shivering and even had a fever. Her body was bruised due to her attempt to escape and has gone to the hospital for checks and treatment. 

Thankfully, she managed to escape and the attempt of him raping her failed and he was caught before doing anything else.

This Facebook user also advised everyone to accompany their sister, mothers or friends whenever they go to the petrol station toilets or any RNR public toilets. He said that his sister was in her 20s and wondered what it would be like if it was someone older like a mother a grandmother of older age, as it would have been worst. He also said to use any form of item to protect yourself from these rapists and when screaming for help,  scream that it is a rapist or a robber so that people around would be alert and willing to help. 

As for the petrol station owners, he asked for them to be more responsible and to make sure that all CCTV’s are working as it would be easier to keep a lookout on these people, and also for evidence purposes in case anything happens. He also suggested that the cubicles should be fully closed or be separated by fences so that people are unable to climb into the next toilet.

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He said, thankfully the suspect was not beaten to death, as people were still thinking straight and rationally at that time and he thanked the people around for helping his sister. He hopes the rapist will be punished for his actions and he will be there for the court case. 

It is so scary to hear news like this, especially for girls that are alone, or with another friend which is a girl. It’s super dangerous to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. We never know what awaits for us at public toilets, so please be really careful and alert. If you notice anything suspicious, run as fast as you can or scream for help as loud as possible. 

To prove this incident was true, he shared the police report, images and videos of the suspect.

โพสต์โดย Lubok Viral dot Com บน 14 กรกฎาคม 2017

Source: Lubok Viral dot Com

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