[BEWARE] Victim Warns Public About Indian Lady Who 'Hypnotizes' To Rob - The Coverage

[BEWARE] Victim Warns Public About Indian Lady Who ‘Hypnotizes’ To Rob

On June 14, a victim named Nur Dhaniah shared with us her story of how she was hypnotised and robbed by an unsuspecting lady who visited her KIT KAT booth in Mid Valley.

The lady apparently came towards the victim and tapped her shoulders, and right after that moment, Dhaniah had lost her ‘ability’ to control her body and mind.

The manipulator first pretended to be interested in the KIT KAT products but soon after, she diverted the victim by asking her to help try out a few outfits as she felt Dhaniah was exactly the same size as her staff. I know super weird, right?

Well, apparently when one is hypnotised or in a familiar local language we call it as ‘pukau’, you basically lose control of your movements however you are fully aware of what is happening.

CCTV recording released by the authorities

Bizarrely enough, she brought the victim to the Padini store and she had Dhaniah tested out a few outfits before asking for her Samsung S7 Edge as she claimed that her phone had run out of battery. Not suspecting anything, the victim passed the phone to the lady.

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As the victim turned around to pick back her clothes, the lady went missing. Standing in a daze was the victim who tried calling back her phone to only be ‘answered’ by the voice mail.

When she finally got back to her senses, she filed a police report and managed to ‘spot’ the mysterious lady via CCTV recordings.

Please be very careful with your surroundings and do take note that hypnosis or ‘pukau’ is very much common these days. It’s not about having less faith in a religion, or carelessness that causes these mishaps.

Events like these are deemed to be ‘funny’ by the (most) public only til it happens to yourself, then things may not seem to be that ‘funny’ anymore.


This incident was reported to The Coverage by the victim herself. All rights reserved.






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