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Blind Man Who Obstructed Traffic In Bangsar Says Sorry For His Actions!!

The video of a blind senior citizen using his disability to intimidate passersby into giving him money and threatened them as well went viral recently on social media.

The man, Khor Chai Wing, fondly known as “Uncle Luke” said he has a bad temper and suffers from mental illness.

Uncle Luke said in an interview with The Star Online,

“I am sorry for four things: number one, for standing in the middle of the road. Number two, I am sorry for being born 100% blind.

“Number three, I am sorry for being partially deaf and number four, I am sorry for being mentally challenged.”

The 63-year-old also admitted that he had hit some people who tried to help him or refused to buy his products ranging from magazines to stickers to lottery tickets.

“I also assaulted some of them by pulling their shirts for refusing to buy from me, I got angry I couldn’t sell anything. I was angry because the sales were not good at that time.”

Uncle Luke has no intention of hurting anyone as he is aware of what he did was wrong and he was sorry for doing so. Although he has family members living in Johor and Selangor, but they are rarely in contact, and he solely depends on his sale of wares to buy at least a bag of rice.

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He mentioned that sells his products around Klang Valley, and previously there were some incidents where the police stepped in because of complaints from the public, but the police let him off with a warning.

He said after the video circulated the internet, he noticed that fewer people came forward to help him.

“Not many (now) but when I was in Taipan (USJ) the other day, there were some who helped me.”

Uncle Luke has been in and out of mental institutions in the 1970s and now is part of a disabled community called OKUnetwork where he is given aid and shelter. He said he would try to change for the better after the recent incident.

“I will try my best not to do this kind of thing again, I will try to control my temper when I am out doing sales.”

I think we as capable people should really help him out, those who wish to reach uncle Luke or help him out please contact via e-mail [email protected]

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