Bloody Violence At PKR Youth Congress For 1 Hour : Multiple Fights , Boxing , Stones Hurled, & Injuries - PKR Youth Chief Employing Gangsters - The Coverage

Bloody Violence At PKR Youth Congress For 1 Hour : Multiple Fights , Boxing , Stones Hurled, & Injuries – PKR Youth Chief Employing Gangsters

Multiple fights have broken out at the PKR Youth congress since this morning.

Tension at the PKR Youth congress escalated into a street brawl this afternoon, leaving at least one person injured.

A fresh round of fighting erupted at around noon and dragged on for almost an hour. The melee started inside the Malacca International Trade Centre (MITC) later and later spilled outside the building.

Drama began when sacked permanent chairperson Mizan Adli Mohd Noor was barred from entering the event.

However, since then, several other physical altercations took place as the congress went on recess for Friday prayers.

Akmal ( Ketua Pemuda PKR ) Membawa Gangster – Mizan Adli Mohd Noor

Chaos erupted at the PKR Youth Congress opening this morning as sacked permanent chairman Mizan Adli Md Noor was smuggled in amid heavy security.

Scores of PKR Youth security personnel dressed in black were seen clashing with Mizan and others who attempted to force their way inside the Classic Ballroom of Melaka International Trade Centre here in the morning.

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Mizan, who at first managed to enter the venue was ejected just a few minutes later after a delegation stood up and pushed him out just as the former tried to stand up to take his place at the table.

The situation was tense as scenes of pushing and shoving took every few minutes while the congress was still taking place just a few metres away.

Penang state executive councillor Dr Afif Bahardin was also stopped from entering but managed to get in.

The congress first order of business was to choose a new permanent chairman after Mizan and his deputy, Mohd Ramly Ahmad was sacked last week by the youth leadership led by its chief Akmal Nasrullah Md Nasir.

Mizan and Dr Afif is seen to be aligned to deputy president Datuk Seri Azmin Ali while Akmal is a member of party president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s faction.

PKR Youth then proceeded to nominate and appoint Melaka PKR Youth secretary Rashid Abu Bakar as the new permanent chairman with Kedah PKR Youth secretary Wan Mohamad Syahezral Wan Shahidan as the new permanent deputy chair.

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Akmal then started the policy speech which was interrupted several times due to clashes from the entrance of the hall.

After failing a subsequent attempt to return to the hall, Mizan denounced Akmal to reporters.

He accused the Youth chief of employing “gangsters” to violently prevent his participation in the wing congress, which he insisted was his right.

He invoked the Registrar of Society (RoS) to support his claim to attend the congress for a formal handover ceremony to the next permanent chairman.

“Akmal did not follow the spirit showed by the president and deputy president. It is my right to get in. I have sent a letter to RoS. The Congress happened without me inside.

“When I enter, I was pushed and hit to get me out. Where is the justice?” he told reporters in front of the PKR Youth congress entrance.

PKR vice-president and information chief Datuk Seri Shamsul Iskandar Md Akin who also present dismissed Mizan’s claim to entry, saying the RoS had issued a letter confirming that the sacking is legal.

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“For your information, PKR has already notified RoS about Mizan Adly Mohd Nor’s sacking.

“Therefore, the decision or letter that has been given to Mizan and that clarifies that the RoS agrees and approves the decision of the PKR Youth leadership council on November 24,” Shamsul said.

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