BN Tourism Malaysia Dato Sri Abdul Khani Daud Allegedly Abuse of Power , Take Money , Steal People Wife & Fake His MBA - Why MACC Closes His File? - The Coverage

BN Tourism Malaysia Dato Sri Abdul Khani Daud Allegedly Abuse of Power , Take Money , Steal People Wife & Fake His MBA – Why MACC Closes His File?

A high-ranking official of Tourism Malaysia with the title “Datuk Seri” is being investigated by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) over alleged abuse of power.

Sources revealed that the commission officers had been “camping out” at Tourism Malaysia’s headquarters since Tuesday, checking on the official’s abuse of power that might also involve criminal breach of trust.

“The officers are checking possible siphoning of funds via Tourism Malaysia’s procurement and advertising divisions,” one source said yesterday. “They are in the process of obtaining evidence,” another source added.

They said the MACC was also investigating the purchase of domestic and international flight tickets from a travel company that apparently belonged to one of the Datuk Seri’s family members.

It is learnt that MACC officers had taken statements from four Tourism Malaysia officers and the travel company’s secretary to assist in investigations

When contacted, MACC investigation director Datuk Azam Baki confirmed that there was such an investigation, but declined to elaborate.

In September 2016 MACC had raided TM for a few days inits investigation on a famous “DATUK SERI” in TM but no follow up actions for reason best known to that special Datuk Seri. It seems that MACC had closes the file.

Was actively campaigning for BN.

There were serious complaints about him by member of the public to the KSU but no actions were taken. It was only until the said complaint had reached the Biro Pengaguan Awam that minor action was taken to merely transfer a staff in TM Hq to overseas office without a proper investigation. KSN and the MOTAC Minister should do a check and the records will speak for itself.

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Some of those high ranking officers in the Ministry of Tourism and Cultures (MOTAC) and Tourism Malaysia (TM) were not fast enough to wipe out the evidence of their active participation in the campaign for BN in the 14th GE

They should not be allowed to helm their current positions. PH Government must have a spring cleaning of the top management of all the Ministries. Now these BN diehard supporters are still holding on their high positions in the ministries and government agencies but they have pretended to support PH.

From the pictures above, little napoleons in MOTAC and TM have totally changed their “loyalties” overnight. Yours truly believes that the PH leaders could see through the little napoleons, who are mere “kaki bodek”. They thought that they could fool leaders of the PH government like they had done to those in BN.

He is now the acting DG of TM. He is actively lobbying to be confirmed as the DG of TM. Yours truly hopes that the new KSN will look at the record of this DATUK SERI in TM and with other authorities before confirmation. This Datuk Seri is extremely “famous” and powerful.

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27-4-2018 Yg Datuk Seri Khani Daud, Deputy DG, issued a Certificate for payment of RM11 mil plus

Fake MBA – Master of Oxcell

His MBA certification is granted by the “Oxford Centre for Leadership (OXCEL)” and it’s complemented with the so-called “Oxford Business Club”. And guess, what? You can obtain your “prestigious” MBA all within an “intensive” period of 5-days(!).

The website even attempts to pass off its “Oxford” credentials by highlighting “Oxford as an University City” within the site.

And oh dear, it’s office is located within a stone’s throw away from my current office!
84-A, Jalan SS 21/35, Damansara Utama (Uptown), 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor,
Tel: +603 77291070
Fax: +603 7725 5071
Email: [email protected]
The apparent founders, Saiful and Ernest even got themselves featured in magazines, Usahawan and Dewan Ekonomi.

Well, let me assure you that the Oxford University is certainly not associated with the above programmes, and would certainly not offer a 5-day MBA programme. Oxford University has a Business School of its own, Said Business School and you can find out more about its 1-year MBA programme here. My former Economics tutor when I was at Keble, Dr Tim Jenkinson, is currently the Professor of Economics at the School.

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However, you can be assured that an MBA there will set you back at least GBP30,000, excluding living expenses, 14 times more than the alleged RM15,000 “MBA” advertised above.

Source : education malaysia

In Tourism Malaysia most of the overseas postings, are to reward the cronies of the little napoleons. Many favored OD or cronies remained in their overseas stations for more than 5 years and thereafter be rewarded with cross postings.

Puan Mazreena bt Mohd Yusof is the deputy OD in Bangkok. She is the one to watch – it is about her career and nothing else. Please don’t speculate lah! She is the rising “star” in TM. She was posted to Singapore station for a few years. She returned to HQ for a very short period and was posted to Bangkok. She is in Bangkok for the last 3 years. Rummour has it that certain moves have been made by one of the little napoleons to recall Tuan Abdul Haris Hadi, this rising star’s superior to HQ. Thereafter, she will be promoted to be the head of Bangkok station. ( his GF? )



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