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Bosnian Sues Malaysian Ex-Girlfriend Over ‘Sperm Exploitation’


A Bosnian man who holds a permanent Malaysian residence, is suing his ex-girlfriend for allegedly abusing his seed, or rather, sperm, to have a “better offspring” of European descent and genes.

That’s right. Stop rubbing your eyes. It’s real.

Ervin Ahbahovic, a successful 41-year-old commercial director of a private limited company told media that he lived with the 29-year-old Malaysian woman some years back and they had a baby born on the 7th of February 2010.

He added that he and the woman later went their separate ways and ended their relationship but often contacted him to reconcile for the betterment of the baby.

However, Ahbabovic claimed that it was a façade by the woman and that he felt that he was treated like a “tool” for her to have more children of European descent, crediting his “superior” sperm.

With that statement, he claimed, this was due to the perception or rather belief and scientific fact that the European DNA is of an “unparalleled and astonishing quality” compared to the DNA of Malaysian locals.

In a nutshell, he just stated that Malaysian sperm to be less superior and is inferior to European sperm. Thousands of Malaysian men are going to be offended by this statement and are likely to hunt him down.

In a statement of claim made available to the press, Ahbabovic said he pursued a relationship with the said woman in hopes of settling down and getting married one day but things turned South and he could not be part of the abusive relationship with the woman.

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He claimed that the woman in question’s sexual desires and dominance went beyond normal boundaries and scared him in one way too many.

He explained that she demanded to have sexual intercourse six times a day with each session lasting for approximately an hour. He added that she would often threaten to commit suicide if he did not fulfill her sexual cravings or if he left her for any reason.

Ahbabovic shared that he had hoped for his relationship with the woman to progress further until he realized that she did not share the same affection for him as he did for her and that she had a negative perception of their relationship.

He alleged that after the birth of their son, she often purposefully found faults with everything he did and they were constantly bickering and fighting.

This brought about “a harsh and disharmonious atmosphere” in their daily life.

Ahbabovic claimed that the woman later became hostile, adding that she even stabbed his left forearm on the 3rd of September last year.

He said he felt emasculated, humiliated and suffered extreme levels of emotional stress and tension when she not only kicked him out of their home one day after a heated argument and prohibited him from seeing his own son.

Ahbabovic is seeking a relief of RM600, 000 (USD$181,790) for the emotional damage he had to go through while being used as a mere tool by the woman to get herself a child of European descent and other reliefs the court deemed fit.

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He is also hoping the court will order the reinstatement of his name in the child’s birth certificate.

In court, the woman accused of conceiving a child with Ahbabovic for his European genes argued that the accusation was completely baseless and untrue.

“I am a respectable person. I don’t need to deal with this kind of gossip.” Said the woman.

She argued that the 41-year-old was in fact, unemployed and not a commercial director of a private limited company in Malaysia as he claimed to be.

The woman then said she had not been in touch with Ahbabovic, her ex-boyfriend, for over a year and that the lawsuit was completely out of the blue, and totally unexpected.

In the statement of claim, Ahbabovic stated that he entered into a relationship with the woman in hopes that he would be able to build and establish “God-blessed” union.

He also claimed that his former girlfriend had told him to “go die on the road” and that he “was only a gigolo”.

To be honest, I think insults are hurled during arguments and that insults such aforementioned are extremely common in fights these days. To make a mountain out of a molehill and bring it up in court is nothing less than childish. But then again, those are just my 2 cents.

The self-professed family man, Ahbabovic, who declared that it was “love at first sight” said he was “heartbroken” after she supposedly only used him to satisfy her sexual desires.

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“She needed a beautiful boy and she got it,” he said, claiming that the woman changed her mind about marrying him after their son was born.

He added that he had reservations about starting a relationship with her but said she insisted on continuing with it.

After their relationship ended, he claimed he was “thrown out of the house” with no car, clothes or money.

But even after his experience, Ahbabovic said it would be unfair to think that all Malaysian women had the same ulterior motive as the woman in question.

He advised bachelors like himself to not be as gullible as him and to learn about women’s culture and traditions and get their parents’ consent before getting attached.

“By then, you will know whether it’s about money, semen or something else. If it’s that way, don’t get married. It’s better to be single,” he said.

So what do you think about the story? Do you really think the woman used Ahbabovic for his “more dominant” sperm or do you think that Ahbabovic has had too much overthinking on his end or do you consider the fact that Ahbabovic really is just a big bluff and doesn’t really own a company and is just simply seeking this settlement for a comfortable living?

Let us know and chirp in.


Sources : The Jakarta Post

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