Business Man Gets Majorly Insulted By Property Agent Over His Race And Looks - The Coverage

Business Man Gets Majorly Insulted By Property Agent Over His Race And Looks

WOW…wrong move Mr.Property Agent!

Don’t you know that rule no.1 is to never judge someone by how they are dressed up? And being in the industry for a long time have you not realised that most businessmen do dress up shabbily when it is off day? Jeez…I don’t work in the property agency but even I know that.

On July 3rd, Bhai Hafiz Anguilla shared his not so amusing but rather upsetting post on Facebook, this was what he wrote:

What happened a few hours ago…
I did and said what I did, coz I was just too pissed off.
I was stereotyped to a point where I actually felt like I might as well had been a criminal…


I switched off my engine, got out of the car, locked it and started walking towards this agent. I noticed that the smile he had on, had faded and the welcoming gesture he gave to me whilst I was still in my car had now turned into a a nonchalant thing.

I walked up to him and said ”Hello”..

Here was his reply after seeing a non shaved ‘Hooligan’ in shorts, slippers with a man-bun, that just came out of a Batmobile…

Agent :
You are Mr Bhai ah? You are NOT Chinese?
What exactly you wanna store in the house ah??

Before I cud even reply..
(remember that I had already explained to him prior to meeting)

Agent :
If you do any illegal business or store anything illegal ah, me as the agent and the owners have no problems calling the police on you!..

Needless to say, Bhai was left stunned and angered. Before he could even step foot into the house he was mistreated this way and the only thing that was left to do was…

I picked up my jaw from the old terrazzo flooring of this pre-war detached house, put my face 3 inches from his, and said in a soft but solid tone…“F*CK YOU, u piece of sh*t..You are very lucky that you are an old man..”

Isn’t this just plain insulting? What do you think of the agent’s behaviour and treatment? What would you have done if you were in Bhai’s shoes?

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Source: Facebook

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1 Comment

  1. IY

    July 9, 2017 at 12:39

    Time For Me To Whoop Some Ass.

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