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Celebrity Fitness Under Fire After Former Members Gets Harassed For ‘Outstanding’ Payment!

Aiya…why got so many problems lately? Are some people in the company trying to ‘fish’ out money from the customers or the company itself is just trying to earn money by ‘force’?

On May 25, a former member of Celebrity Fitness, Ashley Teh voiced out her dissatisfaction with the after-service team on Facebook.

She says:

Dear Celebrity Fitness. I am very disappointed with your service, Consultant and Branch Manager. I already cancelled my membership on 02/10/2016 with your consultant name ERIC from One Utama branch. He told me to pay an amount of money to Entertainment Malaysia and my membership will be cancelled and no more other charges I need to pay.

Few months or years later. I received a call from the same branch and say my membership card is ready for collection and I have an outstanding amount of RM600+. I explain the whole story to the consultant which call me name Daniel something and he says that Eric has resigned. So I tried calling Eric and ask him. He says he will settle for me.

A few days back, I received another call from your SC again and today I received an email saying that I have outstanding payment from last 6mths from 15th January 2017 to 15th March 2017 is RM1,192 including handling fee and late payment charges? I contact ERIC and he says that nothing he can do?

Is this how you trained your consultant? Is this how you cheat your customers’ money? Me and my cousin cancelled our membership since 2016. This is so stupid. I’m not gonna pay a single cent to you anymore. If you want to know why? Contact your ex-worker name ERIC! Ask him to bare the outstanding amount since he’s the one that in charge for my membership cancellation.

Please! Stop calling me or simply send me an email saying that i have outstanding amount and ask me to pay because I already CANCEL my membership since 02/10/2016!! This is between you and your ex worker problem. He’s the one that never clean his shits before he resign/leave the company. I will make a police report if your SC keeps calling me and says I have outstanding amount.


To this Celebrity Fitness Malaysia responded;

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“HI Ashley Teh, we sincerely apologise for your experience. Appreciate if you could PM us your contact details and we will get the relevant club manager to look into this immediately and keep in touch with you soon. Thank you”

It seems that this isn’t a one-time thing, apparently, there are other victims too!

Xiao Mintx: My parents kena before too. But they know they have cancelled the membership and the people who called back is trying to get back the members with those scam tricks. They said my parents owed around RM 1800 and ask them to clear it off but my parents just ignored them, luckily by that time we ady cancelled off credit card or else oso kena directly makan.

Ng Chin Guan: I also kena. Charged to my credit card directly. 2 months

Simon Kong: Even though they still offer me the old price I still does not want to be in SC anymore. Because of this too

If you too are a victim of this, please notify the company or if all negotiations fail go to the police!

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Chris

    May 31, 2017 at 20:13

    me too they charged to my credit card for 2 yrs after they ve confirm that my membership has been cancelled!!and i ve never been to the center before!!

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