CHINA: Disgusting Delivery Man Replaced Soup With Pee As A Prank - The Coverage

CHINA: Disgusting Delivery Man Replaced Soup With Pee As A Prank

First of all, EWWWW! How could anyone pull a prank as disgusting as this? Makes me sick in the stomach!

On Chinese Valentine’s Day, August 28, a wife decided to surprise her husband at work by cooking her own homemade soup.

After she was done preparing the meal, she transferred the soup into a thermos and contacted a local delivery service to help her deliver the food to her husband’s workplace.

Source: Shanghaiist

Upon receiving the homemade meal, the husband was startled by the weird odor of the soup in the thermos. The man quickly called his wife and asked if the soup had gone bad, but she told her husband that it was freshly prepared.

Which left the husband puzzled, and it prompted the man to call the delivery service and file a complaint.

Much to his dismay, the unidentified delivery man tried to pull a ‘prank’ by deliberately drinking half of the soup from the thermos and replaced the contents with his own urine. Disgusting!

Source: Shanghaiist

The man told the husband over the phone:

“I didn’t have any grievances, I just couldn’t find any water.”

The disgusting man even offered to pay the husband 20 yuan (RM270) for the ruined thermos, but the husband declined as he felt that it was an insult.

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It was also reported that the delivery service’s operations director personally flew to Chengdu from Beijing to apologize to the husband for everything that happened. The delivery man was fired and it’s unclear if the man accepted the company’s apology for the unfortunate incident.

What was the delivery man thinking? He wasn’t even supposed to open the thermos in the first place! Whatever that’s inside the container has nothing to do with you. You have no rights to open it up let alone drinking it! 

Shame on you for thinking of even replacing the soup with water! You’re not suited to work with customer service. 

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(Source: Next Shark / News Sina)

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