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China Man Furiously Slams Innocent Kitten To Death After Getting Rejected

Dude, what did this innocent kitten do to receive such fate? I want to see the man being tortured the same way he did to the poor kitten!

According to Kwong Wah, a man, surnamed Zhang, in Nanjing, China had bought a two-month-old kitten for 2,000 yuan (RM1,240) from a pet shop to profess his love to a receptionist working at his company. Sadly, she rejected the man but she accepted the kitten.

However, a few days later, the lady asked Zhang to take the kitten back as she didn’t know how to care for it. At this point, the kitten’s condition was deteriorating due to starvation for a few days.

The animal abuser then brought the little kitten back to the pet shop and asked the shop owner to temporarily care for the kitten. Seeing its condition, the owner agreed to Zhang’s request.

Source: Xuehua

In the next few days, Zhang returned to the shop again and shamelessly asked the owner to continue caring for the kitten because he wasn’t free to do so, otherwise he was a full refund for the kitten.

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After hearing Zhang’s ridiculous request, the owner declined, and that was when the animal abuser said,

“Give me the cat, I will settle it myself.”

He proceeded to walk out of the shop with the kitten inside a pink pet carrier. Suddenly, he violently slammed the poor kitty on the floor multiple times, despite seeing the two-month-old kitten twitching in pain, he continued slamming it on the ground several more times!

Source: Xuehua

By the time the pet shop staff ran out, the kitten was already dying on the floor. Zhang fled the scene while they were calling the police. One of the workers lifted the lifeless kitten and started crying.

Source: Xuehua

The poor kitten succumbed to the torture and was subsequently buried by the staff.

Netizens were furious over Zhang’s behavior and condemned him for killing the innocent feline. Although it remains unclear whether Zhang has been caught but his company has reportedly fired him.

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I don’t know where people like this find the heart to hurt innocent animals like this kitten. A pet is a commitment, a responsibility, for life. Just like having a baby, you need to care for it, clean up after it, feed it, and play with it! It should NEVER be used as a gift for people who are not prepared to commit to the care of a living being! 

Rest in peace little one, you’re in a better place now.

What’s your take on this?

(Source: WOB / Kwong Wah)

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