'China-Pakistan Love Corridor' Goes Viral! PIA Pilot Under Fire For Breaking Flight Rules!!! - The Coverage

‘China-Pakistan Love Corridor’ Goes Viral! PIA Pilot Under Fire For Breaking Flight Rules!!!


Just recently, it was reported that the national air carrier of Pakistan has been overflooded with controversies and lacklustreness due to a host of different reasons.

What’s ‘interesting’ is that this time around, a Chinese woman was recorded coming out of the PIA cockpit after spending TWO HOURS in there with the pilot and no other staff was present.

One can only wonder what took her so long…

Apparently, a concerned Pakistani that was also onboard the PIA 853 that was flying from Tokyo to Beijing was the man behind the camera. He was quick to question her actions and asked if she had enjoyed the landing or if she knew the pilot on a personal level.

Obviously, just like a tigress who got her tail stepped on, the woman quickly got offended by the man and asked him why he was filming their conversation. She even went to the PIA staffs to complain, in which the man retaliated with an assurance that he was going to file a complaint against her.

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It seems that PIA Captain Shahzad Aziz had personally invited the lady into his cabin during the flight. It was noted that the Chinese lady only returned to her seat after the flight had landed in Beijing.

You must be wondering what’s the big deal, right? Well, to simply put it, it is against entire PIA and international flight policies that a passenger remains inside the captain’s cockpit.

Now, naturally, we all are basically just thinking of the same thing, hence why this matter got on to the social media with lightning speed. People now are assuming that the pilot and the female passenger had an intimate connection and labelling the incident as ‘China-Pakistan Love Corridor’.

The matter is being investigated now…so who wants to bet what was the ‘storyline’ of these two?!

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