Chinese Firm Is Offering RM64,000 For Anyone Who Sleeps On Their Job!!! - The Coverage

Chinese Firm Is Offering RM64,000 For Anyone Who Sleeps On Their Job!!!

Isn’t it your dream job??? Like seriously… Who doesn’t want to be a professional sleeper??!!

It’s not only the Chinese netizens who are labelling this job as the “The World’s Most Comfortable Job”, netizens from all corners of the earth and probably even them aliens are thinking the same!

The genius company who started this whole fiasco was a health supplement company. Now you must be wondering why would a health supplement company need its workers to sleep on their jobs…well…let me explain.

According to Straits Times, those that are selected for the job would have to test the company’s product while stimulating or rather ‘reenact’ sleeping patterns of workers from different industries and write research reports on how taking the supplements affects their sleeping quality.

This includes those of whom are “night owls”. Imagine changing your whole sleeping routine frequently, geez…I don’t think I would be able to pull it off! It feels like it would be rather stressful cause at certain points, you might need to ‘force’ yourself to sleep.

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Well, that’s just me, though! If you love sleeping then you are pretty much the perfect candidate for the job since they have no restrictions of from what industry are you from.

And if you didn’t know about this yet, this career path is actually quite common as in America itself there’s a large number of public hospitals that often have sleep testers. But of course, in the big city, the payment is more! How much more, you ask? A whopping RM1,327,950.00 more for you to sleep!

Hey, probably Malaysia have and needs sleep testers too! Anyone have a contact for that?

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