Chinese Woman Swallowed 7 Toothbrushes With Intentions To Revenge Against Her Parents For Forcing Her Into Marriage!!! - The Coverage

Chinese Woman Swallowed 7 Toothbrushes With Intentions To Revenge Against Her Parents For Forcing Her Into Marriage!!!

This is crazy! This woman from Ningde City in China’s Fujian Province, picked up a really bad habit after she was forced into marrying someone that she didn’t love by her parents!

Because of the constant dispute between her and her mum, it led this once sane woman to a mental breakdown which caused her to start swallowing random items such as buttons, hair bands and bracelets over the course of 6 months! It started off with small objects and just recently she ended up in the hospital because she literally shoved down 7 toothbrushes into her throat!!!

source: Asia Wire

Surgeons and the hospital staffs in China were shocked to see the items that were lingering in her body! 2 toothbrushes pierced through her liver and the rest were found in her small and large intestines.

It took a painstaking 6 hours surgery just to remove all the oral hygiene instruments from the lady’s body. Apparently, the family only decided to come to the hospital because the lady complained of a severe stomach cramp.

source: Asia Wire

See what forcing a woman into a marriage would do?! Parents please take note and stop forcing your kids! According to a source, women who are over the age of 30 and are still single are deemed as the leftover woman in China. And only because of the fear of how the society will look at the woman and her family, her parents decided that it was with the best interest to force her into marrying a guy that they found to be suitable for her.

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OK, seriously, though, the lady is only 31 can’t you give her a bit more time? You (the parents) should be considered lucky that she is still alive despite swallowing 7 large objects that could have easily gotten her killed!

source: Asia Wire

See now what happened?! Your daughter lost 1/3 of her small intestine and about 20cm of her large intestine, just because you decided to be stubborn and force your way through. But that’s not all, according to the doctor that treated her, she will need to undergo another 2 more operations in the near future too!

Really hope all her surgeries goes well! Stay strong babe! You can do it!


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