College in China sends security guards to poison dogs in shelter home for their 'anniversary'! - The Coverage

College in China sends security guards to poison dogs in shelter home for their ‘anniversary’!

I’m pretty sure most of us are aware of the vast amount of abuse that dogs receive from human beings in China. Though I will acknowledge that a large majority of us may know about it, however I will also acknowledge that we don’t do enough about it.


A recent viral post on Facebook published by 李骏豪 has since garnered more than 10,500 shares in less than 24 hours after it featured several shocking photos and a video of a woman from China crying out in agony and pain after her dogs were all poisoned by the security guards at Harbin Sports College.


According to the publisher, the woman is known as Aunt Zhao. She’s known for taking in countless of stray dogs into her shelter home. However, the countless of dogs that she has loved over the years has now all been stripped away from her after they were all poisoned to death.

In the video, she can be seen crying out in severe pain while overlooking at one of her poisoned dogs. The dog’s deaths were caused by the Harbin Sports College’s security guards after they were sent in to poison all the dogs. The reason for poisoning the dogs was because the college wanted to celebrate their ‘anniversary’ the day after.

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Aunt Zhao’s dedication and commitment to take care of the dogs with all her heart, soul and mind was what her close friends and family knows her by. The frustration that followed after witnessing all her dogs die is justifiable but their deaths aren’t.

China has never had a law against animal cruelty, torture, abuse and slaughtering, though there may be a few in the books, it has never once protected the people who owns these animal or the animal itself.


The publisher of the post stated, “It happens because China has never passed a single animal protection law, the lack of which has fostered subcultures of animal cruelty since any and all animal abuse is fully legal, and total corruption among Chinese officials and authorities.”

“For the sake of the good people of China and their animals, which are victimized and silenced by the mobs of abusers and corrupt, lethargic authorities, the international community must get involved.” Added the publisher.

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Please Share widely and take action. Expose China’s shameful indifference towards their ongoing legacy of sheer animal cruelty.

Harbin sports college’s Phone number: 045182718205 .

How to call a Chinese phone from United Kingdom.

00 + 86 + city code+ The Number* Do not dial the plus (+) symbols

To call from Australia to China you need to dial:0011 + 86 + city code + phone number

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. LHM

    September 12, 2016 at 08:31

    Imma hope that someone from the internet find a way to go after these guards and college people. They deserve any vigilante justice they may receive. The community better not take this laying down, this is honestly one of the most awful things I’ve had to witness I can’t even imagine how much distress Aunt Zhao is feeling.

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