‘Datuk Seri’ Cons Five Filipino Maids for RM38,000 and Has Taken Their Passports - The Coverage

‘Datuk Seri’ Cons Five Filipino Maids for RM38,000 and Has Taken Their Passports

conman cheat domestic helper RM38,000 and passport

Here is a new ‘Datuk Seri’ story who cheated five passports and RM38,000 from five foreign domestic helpers.

The conman, who called himself Datuk Seri John Wong, promised the five Filipino women to get their Malaysian work permits but after taking their passport and cash, he disappeared.

domestic helper victim of 'datuk seri' conman
Source: The Star

“We called him many times over the delay but he kept giving us promises. We just want our money and passports back,” said 44-year-old Mercy Sison at a press conference held by MCA Public Services and Complaints Department head Datuk Seri Michael Chong at Wisma MCA on Wednesday (Dec 27).

Sison added that she met the ‘Datuk Seri’ in 2015 and trusted him completely because a letter claimed his honorary title and his various connection with Home Ministry.

“Please return back the passport and the rest of the money if you still have heart for those people.

“The money [was gotten] from much hard work. It wasn’t taken from a tree. So please Datuk, help them. I still respect you and if you still respect me, I can forgive you whatever you have done but please give me back the passports and the rest of the money,” Sison pleaded.

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domestic helper victim of 'datuk seri' conman 2
Source: The Star

Chong had taken the effort to arrange a meeting with the ‘Datuk Seri’ to get back their passports and cash but he was unsuccessful.

MCA Public Services and Complaints Department head Datuk Seri Michael Chong
Source: The Star

“The first time, he said he had suffered a stroke and the second time he said he had cancer, and the third time he said he was not feeling well,” he said.

The MCA official said he had received over 50 of such cases where conmen had exploited foreigners.

“Please be extra cautious as there are many cheaters out there,” he added.

Lately, many non-government officials ‘Datuk’ and ‘Datuk Seri’ have been making headlines. Last Saturday, a man falsely claimed himself as a ‘Datuk’ after getting stopped by police on the road. He later confessed he had taken drugs despite police’s little suspicion.

Another news follows Datuk Sri (Nicky) Liow Soon Hee’s assault on 3 Rela cops, where he was last reported doing charity and making generous donations to struggling students, schools and police community which could be seen as a move to repair his reputation.

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People with honourary titles should set examples for the citizens to follow, after all, they earned the titles because of their noble contribution to the nation. Hope we see less of this in 2018.

Source: The Star
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