[DISTURBING PICTURES] Here's How You Can Help Save These Dogs From Being Skinned Alive In China!!! - The Coverage

[DISTURBING PICTURES] Here’s How You Can Help Save These Dogs From Being Skinned Alive In China!!!

I know there are more of us who share our love for animals than those who abuse these helpless creatures! Now the time has come to show what us animal lovers can do.

Join in the petition and help stop the cruel practice of skinning dogs alive in China!

Recently, Daily Petition had released a few photos that were taken in China this year that really breaks our hearts. It showed devastating pictures of dogs covered in blood after their skins were ripped off their body while they are still breathing.

China is a country that needs no further introduction when it comes to its vicious dog meat trade. And the fact that it is completely legal to act barbarically is, even more, appalling! There’s no law that bans dog meat let alone how do they get the dog meat.

As these inhumane people strongly believe that the more that these dogs suffer the tastier the meat will be, over 10 million dogs innocently get victimised yearly. It’s sad that most of these dogs are pulled off the streets and gets thrown right into a pit hell to be sold in public markets or restaurants.

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No one should ever be eating a man’s best friend not only for ethical reasons, it’s also for health reasons. Dog meats have been countless times associated with a handful of horrible diseases! Despite knowing that this could possibly be endangering its own citizens, the China government doesn’t seem to mind as long as it helps the economy.

So take a stand now and stop them from continuing this horrendous act! Sign in your name here!

Below are graphic images that some of you may not be able to digest.


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1 Comment

  1. johnny

    February 6, 2017 at 15:14

    What the hell with these Chinamen

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