DJ Leng Yein Flew To Taiwan To Remove Her Left Breast After Suffering From Severe Seafood Allergy - The Coverage

DJ Leng Yein Flew To Taiwan To Remove Her Left Breast After Suffering From Severe Seafood Allergy

Malaysia’s sexiest DJ Leng Yein is very well known not only for her awesome DJ sets that she produces but also her artificial ‘perfect’ body figure.

Source: Discover KL

Recently, Leng Yein went through a horrible experience when she contracted a severe inflammation due to eating seafood in Singapore for the past one week. It is understood the Malaysian DJ visited Singapore for work and usually, she would not be picky about what they offer her to eat.

However, one night she developed a high fever and she felt a sudden sharp pain, Leng Yein thought that the pain was a result of her high fever, so she resorted to taking painkillers to ease the pain. She took so many painkillers that there was blood in her urine.

At this point, she had to ask her boyfriend to rush her to the hospital although she never liked seeing the doctors. She was given medicine for fever and antibiotics, she held on with the pain for two days after that only to find that her entire back and left arm swollen.

Due to the pain, Leng Yein dare not sleep on her back, so she had no choice but to sleep face down. Little did she know, the swelling on her back and arm contained pus, and pus is liquid which potentially flows together with our blood. By sleeping face down, the pus flowed from her back to the bottom of her left breast and infecting 5% of it!

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Source: Oh My Channel

According to Leng Yein, in her 33 years of life, she has never experienced any seafood allergies, while her mother and sister are more allergic to seafood. As a person who has a high tolerance for pain, this was too much for her to bear.

Leng Yein mentioned that she only trusts her Taiwan doctor, despite consulting with her doctor and was told to go to the hospital for medical attention she still refused to go to as she’s afraid of needles.

After three days of the incident and arriving back in Malaysia, she finds herself lack of breath and her breast started to swell as well, with the persuasion of her family members, she quickly went to a Malaysian hospital but after waiting for half a day, the doctors said that she needs to be admitted in the hospital for them to observe for 5 – 7 days and was asked to sign a liability waiver.

Not only that, she was told that she was producing too much white blood cell and that her heart rate was dropping.

After explaining her situation to her plastic surgeon in Taiwan, she made the decision to fly to Taiwan and took out her left breast to cleanse and flush all the pus from her back, underarms, and her left breast.

She wrote in her post,

“It is the first time I had a surgeon who take risk just to safe my life. I was on wheelchair for a whole day I can barely breathe or walk.

“The seafood virus attack my lymph and it causes my lymph to have so much puss and the puss spreads to my back and my whole back is swollen with puss. I didn’t know it was this serious.”

Leng Yein posted on her Instagram story saying that she needs five hours of needles and drips a day, on top of that, she also has a tube inserted into her body attached to a bag of blood that she has to carry around.

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We pray for her speedy recovery and that she would remain strong as this is just another test of life. Perhaps she should refrain from eating a large amount of seafood next time. 

Watch her Facebook live as she answers all the questions everyone has. However, she is speaking in Mandarin almost the entire video, although she spoke in English nearly the end of the video, you might still need someone to explain the rest to you.

好好的,突然間倒下。馬來西亞醫院說我對海鮮過敏。淋巴腺腫大發炎。由於還在工作 所以一直硬頂。直到回馬才知道發炎導致白血球過多,身體背後腋下淋巴腺全腫 出濃 然後三天後 嚴重影響血液,我側睡弄到膿蔓延到胸前。呼吸困難也不能走動。做了輪椅一天。醫院要我緊急住院觀察五到七天。要把背後 和 腋下淋巴腺的濃都去除。但是要把我胸部不知道幹嘛。等了半天在醫院都沒有一致決定。到最後姐姐決定了簽了醫院紙。如果死也不關他們事的紙。 我緊急飛到台灣 嘉仕美找姐姐唯一相信的醫生。雖然這是病菌入侵淋巴腺,不是整形問題。但是他們還是 拿了所有風險,緊急搶救迷迷糊糊的我,幫我 取出所有的骯髒血和背後到腋下到胸部的膿。我是上輩子做了好事 認識了 嘉仕美。如今 要找個 肯 拿他們家名字診所 拿起所有可能害到他們自己診所名字的風險,只為了來幫人的 醫生團隊 是幾乎沒有了。謝謝李進良院長,eva,mandy,麻醉師,護士和所有人一直輪流看我好轉。我知道這次來並非整形,你們冒險幫我拿回條命來。我不寫這番話我過意不去。之前你們都被外界侮辱,是因為你們用良心幫過的所有人 都沒告訴別人你們的苦 你們的用心。我說,因為我認識了你們很多年。你們除了有良心,你們還是很好心腸的佛祖保佑你們⋯ 我們都知道你們是台灣最好的。馬來西亞要一個星期觀察慢慢給我痛死嚇死,你們三小時我就站得起來了。雖然胸部價體拿了出來,但是我知道你是要我健健康康。謝謝你們Seafood allergy leads to Infection then leads to puss and leads to virus attack and puss spreads half body from front to back got puss need operation urgently coz white blood cell too much and heartbeat dropping and leading to blood poisoning.Malaysia hospital asked me to stay five to seven days to save the critical situationBut i am afraid of hospital so i called my taiwan surgeon to help me save my life. And i am glad i tolerated days of pain just to get here and get it over with in few hours of critical surgery. It was a severe allergy leads to virus. I have had so many needles and medications for past few days and i even cried coz it was too painful. I am so thankful to my surgeon who take the risk to undergo a health surgery for ME as a person and not plastic surgery. He took out my left breast and cleanse and flushed all the puss from my back to underarms to my left breast. It is the first time i had a surgeon who take risk just to safe my life. I was on wheelchair for a whole day i can barely breath or walk. There are surgeons with kindness and who will do anything to save life. And to me, this is my plastic surgeon and his team Eva, Mandy, and all the doctors and nurses who brought me back to life ….台北市嘉仕美整容診所有關整形手術療程以及等等變美問題或預約請直接聯絡Eva說我們名字<林云/林仙> 有特別驚喜Wechat 微信/ line : twjustmakeWhatsapp : +886 909 193 509台北市忠孝東路四段230號2樓 Questions on plastic surgeries and beauty treatment contact :Wechat / line : twjustmakeWhatsapp : +886 909 193 509Mention LENGYEIN/LENGSEAN for special arrangements and surprises

Posted by Leng Yein on Friday, March 9, 2018

(Source: Facebook / Oh My Channel)

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  1. Alex Liew

    March 18, 2018 at 13:41

    All the tattooing, all the piercing and plastic surgery is the reason for this. ( And the worst is 3 male sperm combine makes virus or bacteria inside, no one tell you this ) Hope you come clean and tell the younger generations of what you did was wrong and pray for others not to follow your style anymore. I know your mother and step brother. Pray and hope for your recovery.

  2. Lim S.Y

    March 22, 2018 at 00:16

    She looks like a devil`s hooker

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