[DUMB & DUMBER] This Is What Happens When Your Ego Drives Your Car - The Coverage

[DUMB & DUMBER] This Is What Happens When Your Ego Drives Your Car

Let’s just give a round of applause for these two drivers who were ‘the kings of the road’ in their own kingdom of nowhere.

Seriously, this has been happening way too often but never till this bad. Have you not noticed when you are queueing up to go through a toll and realise that two cars in front/at the back/on your side are battling it out? This is exactly what had happened and I must say that these two pretty much deserved it.

What is so hard to let ONE car cut in front of you? Stop causing a pile up behind you!

A guy by the name of Sabri posted the incident on his Facebook with this caption;

Your ego really needs to pipe down and your level of empathy needs to go up. The toll doesn’t even cost more than RM5 and yet now not only you have to pay the toll operator for the unnecessary damage, you also have to pay for the damage that you brought upon your own car which could easily cost more than RM100!

On a side note: One personal experience had me cringing so badly…along the LDP highway (well you know how bad the traffic there is) I was driving around 20-30km/h just because everyone was already crawling in front of me and I have the habit of keeping at least 1-car-distance with the front car, in case of an emergency brake. Yet the car behind me was being so impatient and kept honking at me. Dude…everyone is crawling too!

Probably frustrated to drive behind me, he decided to cut out to the right lane and guess what…SUPER BAD MOVE! He was stuck behind because a car, few meters in front of him, had just bumped into another car. That’s  exactly what you should get for trying to be an inconsiderate driver.


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